Friday, March 24, 2017

Air Jordan 13 Defining Moments

This year's championship suit will come on time, to commemorate the MJ sixth crown, selected to Air Jordan and Air Jordan 14 package, bringing a "Last Shot" the last cast of the classic review!
The price is still $$250, of which the Air Jordan 13 "Defining Moments" with a platinum dress, white shoes body decorative metal texture details of the gold, the glory of the champion temperament extraordinary!
In addition to the exquisite shoebox, this holographic leopard eye also hidden mystery! Will be the classic Jumpman Logo trapeze logo changed to the last cast appearance, in addition to the presence of the number 98, indicating that the classic war again memories.
Will be officially launched in June, has not yet determined a clear date, we will continue to focus on.
Air Jordan 13 "DMP"
Item: 414571-135
Release date: June
Returning to the DMP Suite (Defining Moments Pack) this year again, following last year's Air Jordan 8 champions, with the theme of this year's trapeze won sixth of the Shot Last color inspiration, the 97-98 season is on foot trapeze generation shoes Air Jordan 13 & 14 back together, to relive that crazy unforgettable moment!
One of the Air Jordan 13 to the magnificent display of platinum, iconic laser leopard eye is different from the past, the last cast of the classic silhouette and the 98 figures!
Use two incentive inside of the tongue the phrase "They can't Win" & "Until We Quit" instead of the conventional standard shoes, Defining Moments to create a unique atmosphere!
It is reported that the shoes will go on sale on June, gorgeous texture, champion's performance, I am afraid the classic feelings will not be able to ignore, but now AJ14 has not yet released more details of the photo, we will pay close attention to, later the first time tracking reports for you!
Air Jordan 13 "DMP"
Item: 414571-135
Release date: June 2017
Offer price: $$250

Friday, March 17, 2017

Nike Air Trainer Victor Cruz

As Victor Cruz Nike cooperation with the first signature shoes, Nike Air Trainer Victor Cruz integration of the Air Jordan 3, Nike Air Yeezy 2 and other ultra-popular classic classic shoes, the first appearance of the Red October color is amazing! China official website finally ushered in the sale of this shoe, black and white color and Light Bone color at the same time debut, the price is ¥ 999 RMB, interested friends may wish to click attention.

Item No. 777535-004 / 777535-003

This Nike Air Cruz "Rush Blue" will be officially launched on February 7, 2016, using blue through, creating a full atmosphere of the New York Giants, but also quite Don C x Air Jordan 2 similar demeanor.

Victor Cruz's first signature boots on the harvest of a good market response, with the shoes quite pleasing fusion design, as well as a variety of fine color appearance is not unrelated.

Item: 812637-400
Release date: February 7, 2016

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Red Suede

As the most popular color of the five generations of shoes, angry bulls Air Jordan 5 "Raging Bull" always in the hearts of players occupy an unforgettable position. And this summer, Jordan Brand will bring a "Red Suede" to reproduce that obsessed red whirlwind!
In front of this pair of Air Jordan 5 "Red Suede" with bright red leather leather leather shoes to 3M reflex tongue to reproduce the style of the year, and in the end of the iconic shark fighter painting is black texture. In the end of the coating and shoelaces and the details of the year is different, showing a more beautiful and unrestrained visual impact! In contrast, I wonder if you are more attracted to which pair?
It is reported that the shoe will be on sale on July 1, set at $ 190, interested friends may wish to wait patiently
Air Jordan 5 "Red Suede"
Item: 136027-602
Release date: July 1, 2017
Offer price: $ 190
As the Air Jordan 5 Five-generation shoes the most popular and eye-catching style of the style, angry bull color Air Jordan 5 "Raging Bull" will be re-engraved in this year!

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And in addition to the current release of the goods, as well as the date of sale, will be officially released on July 1, priced at $ 190.

Rumors this is still fresh red leather leather leather body, with silver-gray 3M reflective tongue, but in the details of the coating will be a little different.

Color scheme: University Red / Black-University Red
Item: 136027-602
Release date: July 1

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Air Jordan 4 Royalty black gold

Official website instant sold out! Did you win Air Jordan 4 Black Gold?
9 o'clock this morning, black gold color of the Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" as scheduled shelves, bringing men and women of the synchronized sale. And the results are the same as expected, quickly completed the sale, and soon prompted "sold out."
Grass has long been editorial ministry are also expected with the same, no one successfully grab! And is your luck better than us?
Item: 308497-032
Offer Price: ¥ 1399
Release date: February 4
MGsRFu224 , 61Od0Q449 , DzlJyn146 , kf1qf3034 , 2XJ8XM323 , NHuTHw339 , tobznd5925 , kf1qf3349 , b5Rg4T311 , CxkIwm355 , HDpOCr52 , f9Wk8Y336 , 3YJ8XM59 , BwjHwl433 , a4Rg3T342 , ZVG5VI214 , c6Th5U5938 , oj5ui7346 , JErPDs217 , 61Oc0Q511 , ytgEti119 , rm8wlb228 , ytgEsi38 , ytgDsi452 , QLwUJy240 , XSE3SG243 , LFsRFu431 , 61Od1Q440 , JFrQEt591 , gbXmbZ434 , EzmLyo20 , 3YL9XN242 , wseCrg216 , EzmLzo248 , lg2qf3319 , faWl9Y542 , TOAZOC035 , pk5uj7416 , 61Oc0Q212 , WRD1QE219 , je0pd2341 , 50NbZP5929 , rm8xlb421 , kf1pe3344 , hcYnb05930 , JErQEt342 , hcYmb0140 , xsfCrg255 , vqcApe5858 , LFsRFu323 , JErPDt417 , VPBZOD032 , ni3sh5232 , XSE3RG215 , pk6vk847 , upczod418 , kf1pe2119 , RMyWLA426 , 3YL8XN410 , 61Od1Q137 , 61Nc0P443 , 72Pd1R19 , EzmJyo515 , pk6vk8233 , rm8xmb48 , DylIxm5927 , MGsRFu352 , 0UH6VJ239 , 83Pe2R340 , hcYnc0126 , PJwVIy118 , QLwUJy449
9 o'clock tomorrow morning sale! Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" official website link release & countdown start!
Invincible! Black Gold Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" for sale tomorrow!
Tomorrow, February 4, the highlight is clearly this pair of black gold dress Air Jordan 4 "Royalty"!
The shoes themselves have no need to introduce more, the black cattle leather to create a texture atmosphere, golden light can be embellished in detail, is the street travel eye artifact!
Tomorrow morning no accident, it should be 9:00 AM on time on sale, Xiao Bian in this wish you good luck!
Item: 308497-032
Release date: February 4

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Dr. Doom

Wild! Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Dr. Doom" has been sold overseas
Is expected to be released on November 23 Dr. Doom bubble will be delayed in the domestic shelves, two days of the new color Yeezy 350 Boost V2 sale enough to attract the eye, and two days later There will be a large volume of the Air Jordan 3 "True Blue" debut! The sale of black and white popular bubble adjustment, is also a sensible thing.
But overseas has been on time shelves, but also the attention of local partners.
China's potential release date for December 1 or December 14, but also interested friends are concerned about!

Product Number: 624041-006

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

VLONE x Nike Air Force 1

Black Orange VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 co-color release information release
Edison Chen with the A $ AP Rocky, A $ AP Bari VLONE brand created in recent years, harvested a good result, has been promoted into the popularity of the street star brand Cheap foamposites.

This time exposed a VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 shoes, by A $ AP Bari on the foot demonstration, is expected to be officially on sale next month.

The choice of the VLONE logo color, black shoe body decorated with orange details, whether it is restrained low-key street temperament, Cheap jordans for sale or lychee leather delicate texture, have shown a delicate atmosphere. Followed by the V Logo is that it's a joint identity, interested friends may wish to pay attention!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Air Foamposite Pro PRM Silver Surfer

Air Foamposite Pro will present a new liquid metal color for the 20th anniversary of the family.

Air Foamposite Pro PRM "Silver Surfer" with silver carbon fiber foam vamps, with black shoes and transparent crystal outsole, Nike Swoosh using silver plating.

It is reported that this liquid metal Air Foamposite Pro will be available in March next year,Cheap foamposites the sale price of $ 250.

Air Foamposite Pro PRM "Silver Surfer"
Item No .: 616750-004
Release date: March 2017
Offer price: $ 250

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