Wednesday, April 26, 2017

adidas CrazyLight Boost

Close contact with the surprise of the collision
Two years ago adidas launched Boost technology, this shape some of the shape of the plastic guy in the early release did not give you any good impression. And when the application of Boost's first product adidas EnergyBoost running shoes after the advent of everyone so deeply remember that the so-called material slow shock revolution in the new technology. Especially different from the previous Eva material, but after the hot melt TPU. In the course of two years of development Boost technology has been covered in the adidas product line more than half of the country, and these products are basically limited to running shoes, but also no extra breakthrough. And in two years after adidas finally applied it to the basketball shoes products, for some of the fatigue of the tired people to bring fresh objects.
Technology continues energy products
Early in the running shoes products launched Boost technology of the big application, in such a move is bound and two years of development trends, you are bound to think of the future of basketball shoes products. And basketball shoes products will be what kind of form, and do not know, but there will be many expectations. Nowadays adidas CrazyLight Boost gives the answer, it really came, for the rich and famous Boost applied to basketball shoes products will have what kind of performance, we will be in the evaluation for you one by one answer.
Fully armed from the "head" began
First look at the upper system, in this era of plastic shoes can see some non-plasticized armed measures naturally very satisfactory. This time, CrazyLight Boost fabric materials to create the entire vamp system, in order to make up the fabric itself is more soft upper features, especially in the fabric uppers covered with a layer of thermal bonding material, to enhance the support of the upper. After the foot of the plant vamps system affinity is very strong, the upper soft feet comfort higher. But the overall support performance is still slightly less, the height of the upper design fully proved that it is a pair of authentic backcourt players shoes, ankle flexibility, for the players in the backcourt is a good choice.
Technology wins to "play" difficult
In the end of science and technology is naturally the most important part of the CrazyLight Boost, after the palm implanted Boost technology, compared to running shoes in the basketball shoes Boost in the filling volume has been reduced, so for the larger weight of the players From the palm of the elasticity is not obvious. In addition, it is regrettable that in the forefoot and not equipped with Boost technology, but because the post-filling is not large, so before and after the palm in the wearing process did not appear too much wearing a gap, and earlier friends have been concerned about the Boost Technology Their flexibility is too large will cause poor stability in terms of the problem, the basic can be exempt from such worries.
Conservative win
Outside the side, CrazyLight Boost in the blood on the continuation of the CrazyLight series of basketball shoes design to the outer edge of the road is more simple, and in the CrazyLight Boost body using a single vertical pattern, this design in combat for the lateral movement of the change In terms of a good grip effect, because it is a pair of iconic backcourt shoes, so a single out of the outer edge of the road just in the start to give the wearer some help. In addition, the outsole support structure in the design of basketball shoes is more conservative, followed in the Boost running shoes in the common X-shaped support, as in the running shoes have a good support effect, so this application also continued excellent Support performance.
Intimate contact with the future
Comprehensive CrazyLight Boost in this evaluation of the performance, for the long time looking forward to Boost basketball shoes products do not seem to have enough feet to addiction, slightly less application of the way so that we see the operation of the conservative factors. CrazyLight Boost has not been due to Boost technology to join and make it more eye-catching, but compared to the previous adidas brand of basketball shoes products, it is still clinging to maintain the inherent brand style. Passed to me the signal, its characteristics are more preferred to those backcourt players. And for basketball shoes for Boost technology I think we can continue to look forward to the future.

Monday, April 24, 2017

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

Big data under the running shoes
Urban jogging has become one of the most popular exercise methods, how to choose a pair of good shock absorption and fast boost the light running shoes, is a lot of running friends most concerned about the problem. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante is based on the many demands of the current environment. Through the process of collecting the data of the body function during the running process, the integrated sports data is used to produce the massive simulation test blueprint to create the ergonomic honeycomb structure. New Balance uses the epoch Man-machine combination design, to create "soft technology full protection," the professional running shoes Fresh Foam Zante, for the city runners to bring a full range of protection and comfort foot feeling.
Comfortably leading the city
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante after the foot with the appearance of feeling consistent with the light feeling, thick midsole and no obvious sense of weight. Through a simple walk can feel the end of the full flexibility, the overall comfortable foot feeling can be regarded as an advantage of road jogging. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's shoe type is not strong, so the common foot type can control it, but the soft midsole is not recommended to have the temples of the people try.
Uppers fashion technology
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's upper in the running shoes can really be said to be stylish and comfortable coexistence, color design of the upper regardless of running or everyday wear is a good choice. In the running process, the streamlined vamp, the middle of the compact package with the whole design of the inner boots, making the vamps more fit feet. The application of breathable mesh so that the feet will not feel any discomfort during the running process, so in this season, such a pair of running shoes is certainly a good choice.
Soft throughout the bottom
In the bottom side of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante full palm FRESH FOAM technology, the whole piece of design makes this pair of shoes have a soft foot feeling. But in the course of running a solid outsole really a little too soft, resulting in insufficient support of the soles. But the soft foot feeling in daily life and low-intensity exercise is indeed a good choice.
Honeycomb outsole
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's honeycomb outsole is exactly the same as the outsole of the previous New Balance M980, using a unique hexagonal pattern and divided into particles of different sizes according to the outsole area. Outer rubber hardness is greater, to make up for the lack of midsole, although the outsole is relatively flat, but can be fully qualified in the flat asphalt pavement and plastic runway
City jogging new choice
The performance of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante in the whole test can be said to be satisfactory, comfort can be said to be the leader in running shoes. But in terms of jogging needs, this pair of shoes is not all the strength is suitable. Compared to professional sports and high-intensity competition, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's overall ability is still slightly less, but in front of it as the birth of the original intention, is entirely for the city jogging.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Puma IGNITE Dual

The hardest day of the year or to come, the South kept the storm, the northern high temperature haze coexist. Nevertheless, the pace of movement still can not stop, Puma recently launched a new running shoes Puma IGNITE Dual, so Xiaobian for everyone under the details of this pair of summer son how exactly.
To see it the first moment was the toe head of a large area of ??breathable network to attract, with the shoe side of the iconic hot posts Puma Logo and the heel of the TPU tray, I believe this pair of summer running shoes support will not be too bad The And this pair of Puma IGNITE Dual most Xiaobian favorite place is that it is in the end of the two-color design, in the summer is quite a pick out. The front palm position looks like Nike Free cutting design, but when the line of sight moved to the soles, the end of the coherent V-groove will be Puma unique IGNITE Foam cushion material show out.
Tighten the shoelaces, the upper unexpectedly fit, this high-elastic grid fabric and hot posts technology fit the upper or very satisfactory. As usual, the first to carry out a heel and high leg running, soles of the IGNITE Foam material feel full of elastic, from the fast pedal to the ground contact to return to the moment, can feel the soles of the shoe will be scattered , And the toe of the high elastic material without a trace of bending obstacles.
As this pair of Puma IGNITE Dual positioning crowd for long distance runners, so Xiaobian deliberately the original 5KM plastic runway test increased to 10KM. In the running, IGNITE Foam stability is satisfactory, perhaps unlike other brands of cushioning to the "soft feeling" full, but IGNITE Foam for the normal weight of the runners is completely enough. Heel shoes inside the anti-skid plastic design is also very intimate, in the 5KM power after attenuation, it can also ease the movement of the foot caused by fatigue and injury risks, can be regarded as the finishing touch. After the end of the test look at the soles, wear is not obvious, wear resistance can also let us rest assured.
Since this pair of Puma IGNITE Dual shoe last slender, so in the test Xiaobian did not tie the shoelace too tight, although the above mentioned the upper and TUP tray with the existence of, but in the test or feel Corner when the lack of support. So the proposal before the purchase or try to look at the counter, foot fat children's shoes in particular to pay attention to Oh ~
At present, this pair of Puma IGNITE Dual has been in the Puma official website with the major counters shelves, priced at 799 yuan. Good-looking, good wear is Xiao Bian's evaluation of it, in a public running shoes army is still competitive, if you are interested may wish to try it ~

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Balance VAZEE Pace MPACEPB2

A few days ago, Xiaobian received a pair of new shoes, that is numbered 897 .. Oh, not right is the New Balance VAZEE Pace a pair of VAZEE series of speed running shoes on behalf of, after all, how its power, with a look to know friends.
Appearance: see the shoes at first glance found its "GLOW" luminous logo, carefully observed in the end of the ink design and the upper are reflective material, and the upper material also made a waterproof treatment, dazzle blue color to see To its fresh incomparable. Tongue on the "VAZEE Pace" against the background in the white leather is particularly conspicuous, but also that the speed properties. Looking at the outsole, much of the REVlite technology is like a "pipe" generally spilled soles, although it is a cushioning cushion material, but the visual impact is still very strong.
Wearing experience: Since it is speed running shoes, that in the feet New Balance VAZEE Pace before the experience of "thin and hard" to prepare. Not surprisingly, slightly wide forefoot site full of feeling, rather than hard to say good feedback, so wearing such running shoes for runners still have a certain strength requirements. Light to do the heel and high leg lift, this feedback is more obvious, in the end REVlite Yue light technology this is known as light speed, although it may be hard, but this technical support, at least from the psychological feel cushioning or worth trust.
Road test: the test or choose my more good outdoor 5K variable speed to reflect the speed of its sense of advantage. Start 1K, be a slow warm-up, tell the truth a little bit suffering, because the thin forefoot so that every step seems to feel full. The body began to accelerate after the micro-heat, this time the whole double New Balance VAZEE Pace began to play a role in the fast touch the ground, seemingly the back of the REVlite some tasteless, because almost no runners in the speed of choice in the palm But its support in the corners still have a good experience. The last 1K, Xiaobian exhausted, really kind of shoes, the feeling of unity, the speed is very obvious. The whole test down, the outsole wear is also minimal, forefoot position to strengthen just right, and the end of the fold is also very small.
Fly in the ointment: In order to support sexual and waterproof considerations, the upper material is relatively hard, the beginning of the stage will have the feeling of pressure foot. There is the commonplace of the speed of running shoes pros and cons, thin hard forefoot and may be suitable for entry-level runners, but for a certain basis of the runners should be said to be comfortable.
Summary: This pair of New Balance VAZEE Pace, to cope with the daily running around 10K or Zhuozhuo more popular in today's functional, waterproof luminous basic has become the mainstream standard, which also let the night run the family from fear of rainy harassment, if Interested in the counter may wish to try myself ~

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kobe VII System Elite

The playoffs of the curtain has been opened, the teams are working for the same goal, that is the championship. But this road leading to the championship is full of thorns and difficulties, want to succeed players need to pay more effort and hardships. This year's playoffs for the Los Angeles Lakers star star Kobe Bryant, the goal is only to win, you can say that in addition to winning, the other honors are failures, so the black Mamba god will become more dangerous than the regular season, More intense. And Nike also timely introduction of the elite (Elite) version of the Nike Kobe VII System, through the basketball shoes of innovative technology reform, leading shoes technology to a new height.
Nike Kobe VII System Elit can be seen as an upgraded version of Kobe VII, for the highest honor, to adapt to the incentive game against it, and it needs to be the same as Kobe Bryant, become more dangerous, so that the black Mamba play in the playoffs stage Full, directed at the championship trophy. Nike Kobe VII System overall look and before the Kobe VII and not much difference, but careful observation you will find a lot of special. First Kobe VII System Elit's uppers are using the highest performance materials, and from inside to outside are completely redesigned to ensure that shoes can minimize the weight. Lightweight structure and Kevlar (Kevlar) fiber made of ultra-high tensile strength of the fly line perfect fit. These high-quality materials, low ductility, making shoes more solid light, and to achieve the perfect fit. This vamp design is not as good as the ordinary version of Kobe VII as full of personality, but in exchange for the performance of shoes really real. While the golden SWOOSH logo, meaning to celebrate the arrival of the season victory climax. Followed by a 3D bite design with a different glass fiber material, which also makes Kobe VII System Elit stability increased by a new height. These seemingly small changes in appearance, but in exchange for more excellent performance than before, it can be said that this Kobe VII System Elit every design is for the highest honor and service.
Although the performance of the shoes for the shoes, Kobe VII System Elit on the upper part of a lot of changes have been made, but the outer fabric has not changed, it also allows us to see the designer for the previous Kobe VII System grip Or trust enough, the traditional herringbone lines were placed in the forefoot measured part, this proved numerous countless outsole pattern to ensure the breakthrough when the first step super grip, and according to "K" letters Design of the outer fabric also played a good auxiliary effect. Kobe VII System Elit outsole inherited the ordinary version of the super grip, I think there is almost no difference between the two, even in the dusty wooden floor, Kobe VII System Elit's grip can still make you extremely assured, start The first step, you will feel the power from the outsole obvious feedback, every step so that you have a full "eat" on the strength, so that your power will not be lost in vain, so you fully into Intense match.
Before we talk about Kobe VII System Elit followed by 3D bite design and before the Kobe VII System with a different glass fiber material, and in actual combat, this new material will give the stability of the shoes what kind of effect we are not And know. Get this Kobe VII System Elit, the author is most impressed by the change of the upper and heel the texture. As a result of the use of glass fiber material, so in terms of texture enough to match the carbon fiber material, there are shallow and small grid to make this pair of Kobe VII System Elit look full of texture, completely beyond the previous Kobe VII System. But when the author put on this Kobe VII System Elit, when more or less feel the stability of the heel with the previous Kobe VII System no difference, which makes me somewhat disappointed, subjective that only texture upgrade, and performance has not changed. But after the real confrontation began, my previous view was Kobe VII System Elit excellent stability overturned, compared to the original ordinary TUP, glass fiber toughness stronger, after the deformation can be more quickly back on track, Kobe VII System Elit is not like a powerful machine, but is integrated with the feet, I think this is the stability of the Kobe VII System does not have the human experience, Kobe VII System Elit is not like a powerful machine, The highest state. Even a low to help shoes, you can not worry about the red rebound, heel and heel 3D bite design integration, this wonderful experience, so I am pleasantly surprised.
Kobe VII System Elit in the performance of the performance of the law-abiding, so that the performance of superior shoes too much air permeability but will make the performance of shoes, but if you think this Kobe VII System Elit in terms of permeability is useless, then you Wrongly wrong. I am in the two hours of actual combat, did not feel the shoes to bring me hot, but it is extremely dry, which makes the author very scratching his head, looks no breathable hole how can there be such a good breathability? Originally, this Kobe VII System Elit uses ATTACK FAST low to help the module, so the breathability can still add a lot of thin, thin lining and tongue formed a channel, so that the rapid flow of air in the feet. As a result, Kobe VII System Elit's breathability is not as good as we thought
Kobe VII System Elit's package inherited the Kobe VII System excellent, you just feet, you will feel a strong sense of oppression, this feeling will make your feet feel very discomfort, but in the real game, This almost asphyxiation of the oppression will make you like a duck in the water, easy to complete, the level of high staggering, in high-intensity confrontation, such a package to make you feel at ease, the foot has enough security. Kobe VII System Elit's parcel is not "gentle", but when you adapt to its temper, you will feel it brought you a super package, such a sense of oppression, although usually make you a headache, But in the fierce game, you will fully enjoy the benefits of this feeling of oppression. Kobe VII System Elit is a shoe for the fight.

Throughout this Kobe VII System Elit, not only inherited the previous advantages of a number of advantages, but also improve the predecessor of many deficiencies. Ortholite insole, before and after the use of Zoom Air cushion also let this Kobe VII System Elit in the performance of a rise in a comprehensive, beyond the previous Kobe VII System, so a comprehensive upgrade, let us see the true meaning of the elite series The The playoffs intensified, Bryant wearing Kobe VII System Elit will once again stand on top of the world.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nike Air Penny 5

Anfani - Hardaway, a name that has long left the basketball court. "Penny" a word that never left basketball. 2012 NSW unlock the history of dust, so Air Penny series of shoes again in front of everyone. 13 years after the "1 CENT" words Logo appeared in a pair of new basketball shoes on top of this announcement Nike Air Penny 5 birth, the continuation of Air Penny pure lineage, in the classic elements into the new technology, to create this pair of actual combat To send a new boots. Xiaobian to wear the next pair of Nike Air Penny 5 on the basketball court, feel the strength of orthodox Air Penny series of shoes.
New "old" combination of reconstruction myth
For the first time to see this pair of Nike Air Penny 5 orthodox blood in its body, so Xiaobian had a great interest in it. Nike new technology and new design into the Air Penny so that the traditional series of shoes to be another continuation. The new Hyperfuse technology uppers in the Nike Air Penny 5 has been used, the whole pair of shoes in the hands of the weight is not great, compared to the previous Air Penny series of shoes, the reproduction of the light is absolutely Worthy of affirmation. Hyperfuse uppers use a large area to ensure that the breathability of the excellent, and then provide comfort at the same time have a more solid quality, response to the pitch on the pitch from the upper echo of the absolute in place.
Actual stadium first impression
Xiao Bian height of about 182 cm, weight 85 kg up and down, shoe number US10 yards (44 yards). On the feet Nike Air Penny 5 for a simple warm-up, fastening shoelaces can be said from the upper comfort compared to the foot of the feedback to be much more luxurious. Hyperfuse uppers at this moment is very desirable. But Nike Air Penny 5 overall shoes are too narrow, the normal shoes Nike Air Penny 5 at the foot of Xiao Bian is not comfortable, so narrow shoes are not suitable for Asian foot type, narrow Of the shoes naturally affect the end of the technology in the foot of the feedback, so the comfort can only say that the performance of flat.
Before and after the different in the end
Do not know friends have not concerned about this point, is the launch of the Nike Air Penny 5 is not from the NikeBasketball but from the NSW, earlier exposure description will be equipped with Zoom Air cushion in the forefoot, after the palm loaded Max Air air cushion. And the commercial version of the Nike Air Penny 5 in the forefoot and did not install Zoom Air cushion, after the palm of the Max Air cushion, such as about the emergence of such a composition makes this pair of Nike Air Penny 5 has a certain slope, , After the force on the back of the palm, the feedback is still quite good. In this test Xiaobian focus on the pace of the frequent movement on the pitch, the more offensive basket. With the slope of the end of the need for a certain adaptation time.
Use of arch carbon plate
Focus Nike Air Penny 5 outsole, you can clearly see the use of the carbon plate in the arch, the effectiveness of carbon plate is well known, Nike Air Penny 5 carbon plate area is not large. The area is too small to use the carbon plate can not help people doubt its ability to get a full range of show. For the stability and support of the shoes, it is inevitable that some doubts, after nearly two hours of small training basketball, the overall feeling did not seem so worrying, in general, the use of carbon plate is worthy of recognition.
After the actual test, sitting on the sidelines watching this pair of Nike Air Penny 5 can be said from the legendary series it is enough to fascinate me, but this fascination seems to exist only in its meaning and appearance. Perhaps the origin of NSW it does not bring real combat faction shocks. But after a lapse of 13 years to continue it, always worthy of loyalty "Penny" friends to concern, I believe this pair of Nike Air Penny 5 to bring you not just a pair of shoes, more is the "penny "Reproduced and brought back the memory of the bit by bit.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Nike LeBron 11 copper

With this year's Nike LeBron series launched to 11 generations, James has officially become a "11 club" members, before that, only Iverson and Jordan have such honor, and the latest Nike LeBron 11 also by virtue of domineering design And technology configuration has won people a tribute, after all, this pair of Nike LeBron 11 is how to help the active league king James? Let us go to the stadium, to feel this pair of belong to the emperor's shoes.
LeBron 11 shoes, the most attractive will be a few new Hyperposite material, and this based on Foamposite produced by the material compared to Foamposite has a lighter weight and more excellent stability, and emit with Foamposite Almost the same metal texture, and the use of Hyperfuse and Dynamic Flywire wire is to strengthen the upper breathability and wrapping, in addition to these, the designer is also clever in the shoe body with a hollow design, people can be more intuitive See Dynamic Flywire wire, very mechanical sense. In the actual dress, Xiao Bian felt that due to the use of a new Hyperposite material, so LeBron 11 and no appearance looks so heavy, worn on the feet very light, and domineering appearance to form a larger contrast in the shoes The surface of the key force point on the Hyperposite material can provide a strong protective and supportive, and because of the toughness of the material itself, after the force can quickly rebound, so LeBron 11 upper toughness is the other shoes can not match, Coupled with the Dynamic Flywire wire, tighten the shoelaces, LeBron 11 wrapped a sense of comfort and solid, and Hyperfuse material to make in the two hours after the evaluation, the feet are always dry and comfortable.
Speaking of cushioning performance, LeBron 11 gave us too many surprises, the whole palm Zoom Air all on the large size of the Lunarlon insoles, this approach we have met, in the previous Zoom LeBron 4 also had such a Design, but and Zoom LeBron 4 is different, the LeBron 11 full palm Zoom Air was placed in a large size Lunarlon insoles, rather than ordinary rubber material, which created the LeBron 11 unparalleled sense of foot, especially Followed by a strong sense of sagging and even some people do not meet, it is also to meet the physical qualities of James Superman, in actual combat, LeBron 11 cushioning feeling beyond imagination, and due to Lunarlon insoles before the low after the high design, The LeBron 11's Zoom Air and Lunarlon's performance are maximized because of the fact that all of the technology is concentrated in the insole, reducing the impact of midsole material on cushioning technology performance.
Before we said, LeBron 11's upper as a result of the use of a new Hyperposite material, the upper has a strong toughness, and in the ankle on both sides of the Hyperposite material can fully support the ankle, the new material advantage is played to the extreme, no The traditional high-tech shortcomings of the leather, there is no high-tech material lack of comfort shortcomings, the new Hyperposite material in the support of the ankle while giving ankle comfortable wearing experience, whether it is extraordinary or emergency stop speed, your ankle is always Tightly stuck inside the shoe, to avoid the overturned and injured. At the foot of the bow, LeBron 11 did not use our familiar carbon fiber board, but the use of TPU material, perhaps this is also played during the playoffs Elite version of the foreshadowing, TPU material for our ordinary people enough, then Coupled with Lunarlon insoles also have some toughness, LeBron 11 anti-torsion or commendable.
LeBron 11 outsole with innovative hexagonal lines, this pattern looks like a lunar crater, and in the actual evaluation of its grip is worthy of our affirmation, although less than the traditional word pattern as efficient, but in the Plastic and wood flooring, this hexagonal pattern can still provide a strong grip effect, and because LeBron 11 in the outsole with a "window" design, so Xiaobian here advise you, or choose plastic and indoor The floor of the floor is wearing LeBron 11, which ensures that LeBron 11 has a long service term.
Throughout this pair of LeBron 11, it is likely to become the king of performance next season, all the design is for the current Union of the king - LeBron James, with its own 11 generations of historical status, LeBron 11 will In the new season to bring us endless surprises.