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At least half of the people age still can not keep up with it, and even some people even age can not be compared with it.
ASICS had the design of this pair of running shoes when it would not have thought that its market life can even persist for so long. From 1983 to 2017, 34 years to TARTHER tiger to become ASICS's most lonely running one of the running shoes.
Not only that, TARTHER tiger walked out of a variety of running shoes shoes has long been a speed-type runners of the best choice in the 2016 love burning year-end selection, TartherZeal Tiger 4 is won the "editor of the election" and "runners Election "two awards.
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In fact, there is no word in the English dictionary TARTHER such a word, it is the emergence of ASICS design team in the name of a continuation of the past.
As early as ASICS was established, its predecessor, Onitsuka, had begun to produce marathon running shoes for Japanese long-distance runners. In the 20th century, after the 1960s, Onitsuka's running shoes were famous overseas, and top athletes outside Japan began to wear Onitsuka running shoes. A 1966 survey of the market showed that two-thirds of the Boston Marathon had been wearing the Onitsuka running shoes for the year.
But Onitsuka still lacks skilled footwear experience. In order to expand production and market, 1977 Initsuka company merged with JELENK, the Japanese sporting goods brand GTO and sportswear manufacturer, and established "Anima Sana in Corpore Sano" Healthy spirit in a healthy body) for the idea of ​​a new company, the company is the development of ASICS so far.
ASICS is also composed of the first letter of the Latin proverb.
1978 ASICS US branch of the establishment, and at the time a wave of jogging from the United States to Japan. At that time the American running shoes for the size and foot type are different from the Japanese is difficult to play the original function. ASICS formed by the footwear company to seize this opportunity, a pair of five years of research and development for the Japanese athletic shoes officially launched.
This pair of running shoes is the first pair of TARTHER, named from the combination of TIGER RACER. TIGER is the logo of ASICS 'predecessor, Onitsuka, and is the way it is named running shoes. The advent of TARTHER is a continuation of ASICS on the past Onitsuka running shoes.
This pair of TARTHER at the time using the EVA in the end of the design, and the end with a full rubber foam material, focusing on its single shoe weight is only 170 grams. And then the United States running shoes in order to support the larger body of Europe and the United States, heavy shoes to do is heavy and heavy, TARTHER more like a light weight for the Japanese tailored running shoes.
The 1980s: the era of speed innovation
1983 TARTHER launched immediately after the swept the whole of Japan, at the time such a carrying EVA in the end and the whole rubber at the end of the lightweight road running shoes is commendable. In the TARTHER who also has a surprising place, when the original ASICS in the development of TARTHER, in addition to the end and outsole in its design also joined the suppression of the transitional function of the transition.
This pyramid soles design allows TARTHER to open up a new way in front of a heavy American runner.
A year later, ASICS on the basis of TARTHER will be improved on the launch of the TARTHER SPS, TARTHER SPS upper front using a new mesh breathable design, in the original EVA on the basis of the base of the carrying Elastic pillar in the end.
1985 ASICS launched the TARTHER F-1, the pair of running shoes to ASICS TARTHER design prototype, joined the ASICS marathon running shoes design elements, the TARTHER lightweight properties to the limit. In the same year, ASICS became a sports institute in the company, to push the study of running shoes and biomechanics, aGEL material was also formally presented in the year.
In the efforts of the Institute of Sports, 1986 ASICS finally developed in addition to built-in aGEL buffer material in the end, and its use in the year of the new TARTHERα running shoes. After the palm area built aGEL buffer material TARTHERα became the year the most powerful one of the running shoes, also opened the running shoes shock absorber material development tide.
1987 ASICS introduced a better support TARTHER ST-a, in the design of the continuation of the past pyramid soles. However, ASICS from the material on the adjustment, choose a higher hardness of the EVA material, with the dual to improve the stability of the floor.
AGEL application so that ordinary runners on the cushioning material with admiration, ASICS did not stop. On the basis of aGEL and developed a non-sealant type T-GEL, foam-type P-GEL and mixed with hollow powder r-GEL buffer material, buffer material update to TARTHER series running shoes on the regular.
After 1988 and 1989, TARTHERα-II and TARTHER RX-a running shoes were introduced.
1990 years: black technology era
In 1985 ASICS internal Institute of Sports Institute was established, the independent office building is also on the agenda. But it was not until 1990 that the building in the town of Seishin in Kobe was officially completed.
ASICS was equipped with a 350-meter all-weather track, three different types of pavements, two tennis courts, a 25-meter swimming pool and an experimental gymnasium and environment, multipurpose, computer, product, sports medicine Laboratory, training room.
In this lab, three of the most important products of ASICS and TARTHER were born throughout the 1990s. First TRUSSTIC, one DUOSOLE, one spEVA.
1990 ASICS launched TARTHER195-α, ASICS in this pair of running shoes for the first time using a flexible midsole and TRUSSTIC combination design. With the previous EVA in the end, TARTHER195-α in the arch position by adding a new resin reinforcement TRUSSTIC, in order to make up for the support of the arch position needs.
And this design also benefited from the 1989 ASICS launched TARTHER RX-a, for the first time the whole palm of the end of the division, to achieve the forefoot and the back of the palm of the different design. So the design so that later TRUSSTIC has been placed in the arch of the possibility.
This piece of hard material in the arch position design has become one of the mainstream design of running shoes.
1991 is TARTHER low-key year, this year ASICS launched TARTHER GS, meaning GEL SIGHT, the main GEL buffer material in the end of the visual effects. Like now every brand like to change the color of a running shoes.

Time came to 1992, the Barcelona Olympic Games, the Japanese players have Sen Yuko and Morioka Hiroshi won the Olympic marathon project men and women silver medal, the news spread to Japan after the overturned the entire Japanese running session. And as the Japanese Olympic marathon project road equipment sponsor ASICS also ushered in the most glorious moment.

In the ASICS Institute of Sport, a subversion of the past material is emerging.

ASICS set out the elimination of the previous use of foam and the whole palm rubber outsole plan, but has yet to come up with a new product program. Until the second half of 1992 before the use of polyester resin fiber and PU resin double layer of the program, DUOSOLE thus launched.

Compared to the past, the formation of rubber outsole, the new DUOSOLE is the use of the base cloth shoe pattern, so the design of a higher degree of freedom, the soles of the resin distribution and tooth design has more ideas. This year is equipped with DUOSOLE outsole TARTHER EX-01 running shoes are also officially listed.

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To run the most professional products lasted two years will step 42K listed

In the past 1 month, 17 years of the marathon began to set off layers of heat waves. The major sports brands at this time have to introduce new products to help them run the trailer to complete their marathon dream.

NIKE, ADIDAS, ASICS, MIZUNO these international big names no doubt by the runners of the concern. However, in addition to these, in recent years, some outrageous domestic brands, with excellent price, and the ever-increasing functionality, quality has gradually gained a lot of runners recognized.

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Will step, is set up nearly two years of domestic running sports brand, team members are runners, their product properties are very specific, only running series of products. At present, the brand market momentum is not big, but won a large number of runners of all ages. Relative to foreign big move thousands of running equipment, will be ultra-high price is undoubtedly exciting, but the real reputation is to win the business seriously, the attitude of excellence and constant iteration, to run the professional runners product.

In mid-March, will be the whole horse running shoes 42K listed in the running friend circle caused no small response, runners praise for its increase. Can get runners support and trust, will step team is particularly pleased, but this pair of 42K was late for two years to meet with runners, so that they are sorry, the reason is to achieve their initial dream. For Baimai, a domestic running sports brand, is born for the runners, marathon is the dream of each runner, so for them to produce a pair of professional, safe and comfortable marathon running shoes, will become the goal of the step, It is not easy to achieve this goal.

It is understood that, in order to find the answer, will be with their seed users no less than 100 times repeated communication, only to determine the final direction of 42K, a pair of finished results more than 4 hours, with more than 5min runners marathon running shoes. The reason why there is such a position, will step that these runners are mostly primary horse runner, their technology and ability is relatively limited, so it is more support and help the running group.

After another round of design, development, testing, let us see the sincerity of the start-up companies. From a Zhang floor plan to a pair of three-dimensional shoes show, and then to the runners of the field test, functional strength, technical applications, structural measurement, material adjustment and mold derivation again, every time in the feedback in the continuous modification and improvement The The final show in front of us 42K, although not the most perfect, but it is a pair of real can help runners safe and comfortable to complete the marathon full horse running shoes, the result is the runners will support and trust.

Advertised domestic sports brand will step, China is always stressed that they are not for their own legislation, but sincerely hope that through the efforts of the team, the creation of a real people proud of the brand products for the Chinese manufacturing cheer. Therefore, for more runners to provide domestic high-quality professional running products to become the beginning of their vision. 42K came out, they hope to have more runners wearing 42K to participate in the marathon, to help them together to verify this pair of domestic running shoes. So, we see the 42K listed at the same time, the brand launched a year to wear 42K free Happy horse activities, and this time the Hanma 10W bonus has become a circle of running friends relish, contend for participation activities.

Whether it is free Happy Valley, or 10W bonus, is undoubtedly one of the ways to promote the business, but in such a way to invite the runners involved, have to say that will be a runner for the strong gene, perhaps because of their own Is the cause of the runners, for the runners is also for their own dreams, so stick is a happy thing, even if not easy, but as their SLOGO, will step, every step is beyond.

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Reebok Ice Cream

Reebok launched Ice Cream new sweet wind cold the whole summer heat
Reebok InstaPump Fury series has a high reputation in the ball has long been renowned, has always been popular and continuous topic, has let InstaPump Fury Reebok classic shoes in the tide of the most cool. But in this hot summer season, Reebok InstaPump Fury changed the usual cool handsome style, put on the sweet Ice Cream new clothes, bring like girls dream candy color and ice cream printing, wear Ice cream, cold all the heat!

InstaPump Fury Ice Cream inspired by the colorful ice cream in the transparent large freezer, interesting simulation of the 3D printing technology, people exposure to the mint flavor strawberry flavor chocolate cream ice cream melting in the mouth Wonderful world! Heeled with a simulated ice cream on the egg tube on the waffle lines, the details are full of sincerity.
InstaPump Fury has a long history of design, but it was born in 1994, faded this sweet Ice Cream printing, Pioneer shape is still unabated year. The newly released InstaPump Fury Ice Cream shoes, in addition to retain the classic look of the InstaPump Fury series, also equipped with Reebok three classic design fantasy classic: Pump airbag system, DMX flow shock absorber system and hexagonal honeycomb air cushion. Foot plastic cover, Pump system to make shoes more fit wrapped feet, foot feel more comfortable; and DMX flow shock absorber system and hexagonal honeycomb cushion is to provide excellent cushioning experience, decentralized leg pressure. what are you waiting for? Wear InstaPump Fury Icecream, join the summer sweet carnival!

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APL concept 1

New Year holiday is over, I also decided to return to the BLOG ... first give you a new year to worship it .....

"Habit of jumping high, the habit of jumping higher ..." This slogan comes from 2005 Li Ning's first pair of professional basketball shoes FreeJump .....
But today we are not saying that this pair of shoes, just I stole a bit of this ad language .....
Because I think this ad language to describe today's pair of shoes is also very appropriate ... he is APL concept 1 .....

d91g92dk4049 , da1g92dk354 , da1g93dk514 , da2g93dk017 , da2g93dk2942 , da2ha3dk049 , db2ha3dk5543 , eb2ha3dk524 , eb2ha3dk5231 , eb2ha3el3015 , eb2hb3el253 , eb2hb3el5225 , eb3hb4el5215 , eb3ib4el3629 , eb3ib4el5731 , fc3ib4el393 , fc3ib4el5148 , fc3ic4fm121 , fc3ic4fm357 , fc3ic4fm4338 , fc3ic4fm5942 , fc3ic5fm577 , fc4ic5fm2936 , fc4ic5fm4339 , fc4jc5fm5722 , fd4jc5fm4941 , gd4jc5fm508 , gd4jc5fm4943 , gd4jc5gm4449 , gd4jc5gn5544 , gd4jd5gn5554 , gd4jd6gn524 , gd5jd6gn219 , gd5jd6gn3944 , gd5jd6gn5956 , d91g92dk029 , da1g92dk429 , da1g93dk4730 , da2g93dk231 , da2g93dk3933 , da2ha3dk2749 , da2ha3dk4312 , db2ha3dk421 , db2ha3dk5649 , eb2ha3dk3622 , eb2ha3dk5746 , eb2hb3el330 , eb2hb3el439 , eb2hb4el5144 , eb3hb4el3459 , eb3ib4el4157 , ec3ib4el147 , ec3ib4el5715 , fc3ib4el5557 , fc3ib4fm2826 , fc3ib4fm3543 , fc3ic4fm154 , fc3ic4fm414 , fc3ic5fm2949 , fc3ic5fm5151 , fc4ic5fm4949 , fd4jc5fm037 , fd4jc5fm5141 , gd4jc5fm3250 , gd4jc5fm5126 , gd4jc5gn030 , gd4jc5gn5843 , gd4jd5gn565 , gd4jd6gn3253
APL full name is called ATHLETIC PROPULSION LABS .. is the United States a pair of young brothers to create a new basketball brand ... ...
This is the brother of the father was Reebok and Converse's technical department of the department .. So from the technical level, they get a lot of support .....
This kind of shoes equipped with a called "real-time launch" (Load 'N launch) of the new technology ....... ^ .. 8 P4 I' y3 m * F1 l
This patented device is embedded in the forefoot, it has a unique compression .... first "load" the player down the pressure and convert it into instantaneous rebound, the release of energy ....

9? $ Q / t5 ^ 6 E! T $ L + a # {: ^
Simply say that this pair of shoes allows you to instantly increase the vertical bounce height ... in the emergency stop and side shift, it can help you save energy ... ...
This pair of APL concept 1 is the first APL, is currently the only one product ... this shoe designer is also very famous, called this pair of Tuan Lee ... If you have heard of him, and must listen Said his work ...
He designed the shoes to help Carter won the dunk contest title ... yes, his name is tai chi ... ...

This pair of shoes slogan is very alarming ... known to be able to deduct 10CM bounce .......
Coupled with this pair of shoes by the NBA League does not name the prohibition of players wearing ... for a time, it is caused a high degree of curiosity ... ...
In just get this pair of shoes, this pair of shoes work or give me no small surprise .......
In particular, all the upper use of imitation carbon fiber texture of the material, with the end of the lines and the bottom of the transparent rubber ... so that the whole pair of shoes look full sense of science and technology ....
Now both in the field of shoes or in the field of car modification .. Carbon fiber lines are the pursuit of a way to the performance of .......
And APL concept 1 Although the design lines can not talk about how good, but the quality of the material is very good to make up for this lack of .....

As for the soles of the "instant launch" technology ... due to patent reasons, and not as we open its internal structure .......
So we can only from the soles of the translucent rubber to see a clue, should be the main combination of EVA APSPOX and Poron composition of the ... ...
Before a trip, accidentally learned that the APL concept 1 manufacturing factory which is ... to see if you can engage in a set of the bottom of the package, to give you a detailed explanation of the time ... ...

Actually wearing a bit, the actual performance is good ... very objective to say, be a double performance superior basketball shoes ... ...
Parcel, comfort and support are not to any brand of high-end basketball shoes ... can be considered worthy of such a high price ... ...
In everyone we are most concerned about the increase in bounce this link ... I did not do any digital test, just intuitively feel a bit .......
Did not feel any particularly obvious changes .. at least certainly not the legendary 10CM ... ...
But from the touch of high effect, it seems that there is a little bit of improvement ... do not know is not my psychological role ... ...

Simply say a word .. as a pair of professional basketball shoes, he is fully qualified, and even can be said to be very good .....
If you have to take him as a pair of spring shoes ... that may have to vary from person to person, perhaps because I am now the bounce base is too small ... Oh

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Nike Zoom KD 3 and Kobe Bryant x Nike Air Force 1

From the ordinary thunder color, to last year's Christmas lemon yellow KD3, and then to the new exposure of the KD3 All-Star. Leo Chang in Durant 3 generations of design intentions we all see to. A combination of a variety of materials will not let the shoes look thick, and Durant's style of the ball is very fit.

c80f82cj3921 , c80f81cj4434 , c80f71cj5913 , c80f71cj382 , c80f71ci150 , b70f71bi5755 , b70f71bi2936 , b70e71bi4017 , b7ze71bi5115 , b7ze71bi3541 , b7ze71bi042 , d91g82dj3526 , c81g82cj399 , c81f82cj4413 , c80f82cj5654 , c80f81cj5745 , c80f81cj528 , c80f81cj380 , c80f71cj5125 , c80f71bi5146 , c80f71bi126 , b80f71bi515 , b70e71bi5629 , b70e71bi3634 , b70e71bi334 , b7ze71bi2921 , b7ze70bi5648 , b7ze70bi4110 , b7ze70bi416 , b7ze60bi4256 , b7ze60bh3544 , d91g82dk3158 , d91g82cj5942 , d91g82cj010 , c91g82cj3528 , c81g82cj3859 , c81g82cj043 , c81f82cj2938 , c80f82cj565 , c80f71ci3922 , b80f71bi323 , b70f71bi422 , b70e71bi4735 , b70e71bi2944 , b70e71bi053 , b7ze71bi504 , b7ze71bi290 , b7ze70bi5215 , b7ze70bi3527 , d91g82dk41 , d91g82cj5632 , d91g82cj3657 , c91g82cj5146 , c81g82cj3051 , c81f82cj5032 , c81f82cj529 , c81f82cj144 , c80f81cj4526 , c80f81cj3112 , c80f81cj04 , b80f71bi4122 , b7ze71bi3624 , b7ze70bi4734 , b7ze70bi2758 , b7ze70bi050 , b7ze60bi314 , d91g82dk4526 , d91g82dj3955
All-star version of the metallic luster of the outer flying line, the body of the black and red gradient, as well as the most dazzling red crystal at the end of the whole pair of shoes to create full of stars of the glory and festivity, it should be this all-star suit Praised the pair, coupled with the All-Star version of the specially designed shoebox, will certainly attract a lot of people to buy, the most critical is the price of KD3 is almost two other star models signature shoes half of the price, Is to cater to a lot of people who love to play the ball to buy stars signature shoes desire.

As the 2011 NBA All-Star game landlord, Stanford Stadium Peter Pan Bryant Bryant this year in addition to the pitch, the other places is also shine, and several Hollywood stars shooting basketball theme movie "The Black Mamba" (The Black Mamba) The Nike Sportswear also launched a legendary street for his series of products, in addition to clothing, the most concern is that this set of Kobe Bryant x Nike Air Force 1 set, purple FOAMPOSITE material to create a high-tech plus a pair of black S-class With a snake stripe decorative strip of the low version of AF1. Two pairs of shoes are Kobe Bryant's unique logo, the overall black and purple color is very eye-catching, suit will be in February 2011 NBA All-Star weekend at the Tier Zero level shop for sale.
Nike SportsWear Valentine's Day women's shoes, in addition to AF1 and Dunk and Max95 running shoes Valentine's Day, 2011, the fourth section of women's Valentine's Day shoes appeared, Valentine's Day version Court Force High.
Tongue with no 'Amor' words but with a very cute Nike wrapped with love patterns. White-based side of the shoes covered with Italian shoes that irregular perforation, revealing the modified red or water green background, the overall feeling is very fresh and lively, CF hi shoes ankle and foot part Of the parcels to the wearer to bring a good sense of foot, will be available before Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day this year so you have more shoes can choose.

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Clover and Star Wars again jointly launched the spring and summer 2011 product

"STAR WARS Star Wars" series continues to sing the legend, adidas Originals and LUCASFILM LTD extraordinary cooperation season to bring surprising products again. "Iconic Fusion" as the title, from the distant galaxy epic and adidas Originals brand classic products, but also into the music, art, sports in all areas of inspiration, together into a symphony-like new series.

"STAR WARS Star Wars" for the impact of contemporary pop culture is not limited to the film, but also far-reaching impact on music, art, design and other aspects. Coincidentally, adidas Originals is not just a sports brand, rooted in the brand's long history of resources, today's clover is more lush in the contemporary pop culture of each cross-section. So, the two sides of the cooperation through the development of the two seasons, in the spring and summer of 2011 naturally attributed to the theme of "Iconic Fusion", meaning: one, two classic brand integration, and second, both sides in the popular culture of various fields The fusion of force.

The implementation of the specific style and design, the season series still select the film in the distinctive personality of the character, the character and logo details as a fresh design elements, the integration of both sides of the unique DNA, presented as a new shape adidas classic shoes And clothing, at the same time, more from the music, art, sports inspiration in all areas, so that the whole group of more exciting.

"STAR WARS Star Wars" series is still divided into two parts: the performance of the film role "Select Pack" and the performance of various areas of inspiration integration "Direct Pack".

"Select Pack" This season selected the film role to the main camp camp. Adveras Star Wars S Leather A-15 jacket to the Empire Commando (Stormtroopers) head as a back prints, white leather is the Lenovo movie that people get frightened white figure. ELDORADO - AT-AT PILOT shoes is to use the three-dimensional imperial commando (Stormtroopers) head to do tongue, its exaggerated shape quite see the last century 80's Hiphop style essence. Black warrior Vader (Darth Vader) shape has become SW S SWEATSHIRT sweater design elements, SKYLINE MID - CORUSCANT shoes also to the first card villain as a source of graffiti pattern. Emperor of the Palpatine (Emperor Palpatine) shape derived from a SW S REV WINDBREAKER windbreaker, with a hood and double A word sharp angle tail, a ZX 8000 - EMPEROR also used the emperor Palpatine Emperor Palpatine.

"Direct Pack" is a large number of the use of the Empire Commando (Stormtroopers) and bounty hunter Boba Fett's image, and through adidas Originals in the music, art, sports field to capture the inspiration to change. A SW D TRACK TOP on the back of the Death Star (Death Star) silhouette for the pattern, with a classic Hiphop music style. The outline of the Empire Commando (Stormtroopers) is filled with a strong spectral style of graffiti on a SWD TEE inspired by art. A basketball shoe M ATTITUDE, which was born in the mid-1980s, has been redesigned with the obvious Empire Commando (Stormtroopers) element.

As a symbol of contemporary pop culture, adidas Originals and STAR WARS film series of cooperation by each other's rich history and story and rich connotation, as a classic example of the legendary renaissance. Two creative collision, for consumers to bring more surprises and excitement. The film industry's eternal classic and street fashion culture of life form combination, whether it is shoes experts or early contact with the trend of the streets of young people, or STAR WARS cultural fans, can be found in this series of shoes where the fun The

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ZOOM UPTEMPO V ... ... a seemingly familiar but unfamiliar name, of course, if you see the shoes, I believe you will not see the "ZOOM UPTEMPO V" when the name of that hesitation ..... base Germany's departure so that this pair of classic defender shoes without the owner, and NIKE also decided to "and say goodbye" ... ... So, when we once again on the shelves to see that familiar can not be familiar with the " Big eyes ", he lost the same let us familiar with the name can not be familiar -" ZOOM FLIGHT V "... ...
Remember that a private shop in Beijing for the first time to see ZOOM FLIGHT V when it was with the "eyes" of the wonderful design attracted ... ... did not know what "ZOOM FLIGHT V" , Only know that it has a very image of the nickname - "big eyes" ... ... Although the year on the "big eyes" is very love, but really put it in the bag is already after I came to Japan ... ... and it is also the first pair of shoes after I came to Japan to buy ... ...
   And then later decided to own ID a "big eyes" ... ... Unfortunately, after the shoes in hand, I found this ID some failure .....

  Over the past few years, ZOOM FLIGHT V and ZOOM BRAVE series has always been my shoes when wearing the shoes ... ... originally looking for a pair of primary colors, but the music on the color of the lowest price ... ... cheap map. .... Oh ~
Compared to the previous ZOOM FLIGHT V, ZOOM UPTEMPO V in appearance or make some minor changes, cancel the heel with the tongue and change the material used to lap, be regarded as one of the more obvious changes ... ... only Feel that this change seems to be somewhat superfluous, followed by the mention of the tongue itself is still a very practical design, and the new shoelaces Daoshi increased length, but I feel more love to open.
Saying that this time to get the hands of the ZOOM UPTEMPO V followed by a "PREMIUM" ....... seems mainly to produce the first batch of ZOOM UPTEMPO V last year to make a distinction between the use of materials compared to last year's version appears Slightly better ... ... but then the version of last year did let me some disappointment, lost the year ZOOM FLIGHT V charm