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Brooks Glycerin 11

One of the four slow running shoes Brooks running shoes, from the United States jogging shoes, has been running friends rush, for a running enthusiasts, there should be at least a pair of Brooks running shoes, even if not equipped with the party.
Today, SIZE shoes invited to the amateur marathon lovers, had participated in two marathon half, four marathon full match of Wang Xinhai, with its objective and realistic point of view for everyone to bring this Brooks Glycerin 11 personal evaluation. Brooks is the famous sports brand in the United States, known for producing running sports products, Brooks running shoes and New balance, Saucony and Asics and said "the world's four running shoes", the brand focused on the development, innovation of each jogging equipment, exactly Brooks running shoes Section of what excels and lack of let us through the heart of the sea to enjoy a bit of it
Brooks running shoes evaluation - Tests: Wang Xinhai

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Sex: Male
Place of residence: Shanghai
Occupation: free music writer, guitarist
Running experience: amateur marathon lovers
Had participated in two marathon half, four marathon full match
Brooks running shoes evaluation
First of all, on the size of the problem, this Brooks Glycerin 11 no width choice, my feet in the ordinary Chinese people in the middle, usually wear 42 yards, this 43 yards just for you to run friends when the reference. (Tips: running shoes need to buy some bigger, because the long running foot will be swollen)
Brooks running shoes evaluation
Second, this running shoes design is very fine, in the shoe body has a different location and brand logo, black lace in the white line through the upper mesh and glial material overlap staggered, by the heel Department of the number 11 is Reflective material, beautiful but also take into account the road running security, see this running shoes on the use of the mind, very detailed. In addition, this shoe has a variety of colors, I chose the blue, although not very obvious, it seems to feel some fluorescence, the blue is very picky.

This Brooks Glycerin 11 of the shoe ring, the shoe side of the material is very soft, thick sponge, the shoes are also more fit on both sides of the inside, the overall feeling of the foot wrapped in the shoes feel very comfortable. In addition, the lace is also a texture material, the Department is not easy to loose, in general, after the complete wear, shoes and feet of a good sense of fit, the feet are very stable inside. Cushioning cushion are also good, grip and foot in the shoe stability is better. Soles of elasticity in the foot after the more obvious back to force, try to run several times the longest running distance is 12 km, in this distance, the soles of the buffer elasticity is not obvious. In the case of wet road surface, the anti-slip degree is basically no problem, that is, in some special pavement materials, such as smooth tile on a little slippery. Yes, after a long time running wear, feet feel a little hot.

Brooks running shoes evaluation
Finally, this Brooks Glycerin 11 followed by thick, more than 1cm, the usual training has a better buffer protection. The whole soles are flat, concavity is not very deep, should be more suitable for use in the city's ground and professional runway wear. Personally feel that this running shoes between the training shoes and more professional long-distance running shoes, more suitable for normal training and short distance of the game.

Mizuno Prima Etude

Mechanical shock the king of Mizuno, today brought a low-key is not luxury, simplicity of the professional running shoes, a rare faded vanity road partners, Mizuno running shoes because of its wave technology and civilization, has been running friends Relish, and this Mizuno Prima Etude, simple but not simple, plain appearance is a great article.
    In the end there is no high-tech armed, there is no advanced material escort, you can imagine this is a pair of new running shoes it? If it is not a vivid color of the upper, you can easily think it is a retro type of running shoes, but it is so a pair of simple to no longer simple shoes, gave Xiaobian brought a long absence feeling, Mizuno Prima Etude , Faded vanity road partners.

HtmGjaq806789 , HtmGibf806128 , HtmGjbo806813 , HtmGifd806230 , HtmGefk803533 , HtmGijb806332 , HtmGin80234 , HtmGhnp805774 , HtmGhrn805876 , HtmGirw806561 , HtmGhvl805978 , HtmGhzj806080 , HtmGizs806765 , HtmGiah806104 , HtmGjdq806867 , HtmGief806206 , HtmGeel803508 , HtmGimb806410 , HtmGiq80237 , HtmGhqp805852 , HtmGiqy806537 , HtmGhun805954 , HtmGiuw806639 , HtmGiyu806741 , HtmGicj806158 , HtmGidh806182 , HtmGedn803484 , HtmGihf806284 , HtmGild806386 , HtmGhot805804 , HtmGipb806488 , HtmGhpr805828 , HtmGity806615 , HtmGibl806134 , HtmGigh806260 , HtmGhjx805678 , HtmGikf806362 , HtmGhnv805780 , HtmGhsr805906 , HtmGit80240 , HtmGjaw806795 , HtmGefq803539 , HtmGhrt805882 , HtmGhvr805984 , HtmGhzp806086 , HtmGizy806771 , HtmGidn806188 , HtmGjdw806873 , HtmGiij806314 , HtmGhlz805732 , HtmGimh806416 , HtmGhpx805834 , HtmGiqf806518 , HtmGhqv805858 , HtmGiud806620 , HtmGhut805960 , HtmGiz80246 , HtmGicp806164 , HtmGjcy806849 , HtmGign806266 , HtmGedt803490 , HtmGihl806290 , HtmGhla805707 , HtmGilj806392 , HtmGiph806494
Mizuno Prima Etude running shoes evaluation - breathable outstanding internal and external
Mizuno Prima Etude breathability from the upper we have a large area of ​​the mesh fabric material can be a little knowledge, almost cover the entire upper mesh material breathable comfort, measured in Xiaobian, even if the heat is hard, the foot is always Dry and comfortable, although there is no high-tech materials, but this ordinary mesh material permeability has long been no proof, not to mention even high-tech materials, but also the most basic mesh material. In addition to the upper material, Mizuno Prima Etude's internal almost no seams, which also makes the wearer even barefoot, will not feel any discomfort.

Mizuno Prima Etude running shoes evaluation - comfortable cushioning plain
When it comes to Mizuno Prima Etude's cushioning, it's really plain for those who pass through too many high-tech running shoes, but it does not mean Mizuno Prima Etude is nothing on the cushioning, Will feel Mizuno Prima Etude foot feeling more rigid, the traditional sense of rubber we really long absence, although not too many bright spots, but the traditional rubber in terms of durability, especially in long-distance running, the same sense of shock to Xiaobian Truly surprised, without those pondering technology piled up, Mizuno Prima Etude but gave a small series of practical, solid cushioning experience.

Mizuno Prima Etude running shoes evaluation - regional support low-key forward
Before we said Mizuno Prima Etude's upper use of a large area of ​​mesh material, but this does not mean its support on the weak, careful observation you will find that in the large area of ​​the mesh material above the designer in the running shoes of the key Parts of the support bar, the foot of the support bar can protect the feet, and the upper part of the hardened material is to make Mizuno Prima Etude support does not look so look so vulnerable.

Mizuno Prima Etude running shoes evaluation - conquered the road all the way forward
Mizuno Prima Etude's wear resistance is remarkable, after nearly five kilometers of running, Xiao Bian did not find any wear and tear outsole, Mizuno Prima Etude outsole wear rubber has a strong wear resistance, even if Running on the road, Mizuno Prima Etude's wear resistance is also worthy of our trust.

Without any high-tech Mizuno Prima Etude, so Xiaobian feel a long time running experience, practical foot feeling, excellent breathable, it can be said that a pair of excellent running shoes all the features are in this pair of Mizuno Prima Etude who can be reflected, and this It is Mizuno Prima Etude give us the biggest surprise.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Studies have found that people in the process of running, ankles, knees, and even the waist, have to be several times higher than their own weight, so a pair of running shoes in the cushioning performance is the most important. With the development of science and technology, the major brands are also constantly introduced a variety of cushioning technology, to maximize the protection of people's feet, and ASICS GEL-NIMBUS series, with excellent performance and strong cushioning, In the model, today, our protagonist is ASICS GEL-NIMBUS series of the latest members - ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15.

HtmGdft802866 , HtmGcsk802519 , HtmGdkc802979 , HtmGdep802836 , HtmGcrg802489 , HtmGdwh803296 , HtmGddl802806 , HtmGdpq803123 , HtmGdch802776 , HtmGcwu802633 , HtmGebv803440 , HtmGdiz802950 , HtmGcvq802603 , HtmGdni803063 , HtmGdvd803266 , HtmGdhv802920 , HtmGcum802573 , HtmGdzn803380 , HtmGdu80111 , HtmGdsw803207 , HtmGdfn802860 , HtmGda8091 , HtmGdrs803177 , HtmGdme803033 , HtmGdyj803350 , HtmGdla803003 , HtmGcxs802657 , HtmGect803464 , HtmGcse802513 , HtmGdxf803320 , HtmGdjx802974 , HtmGcwo802627 , HtmGcra802483 , HtmGdit802944 , HtmGddf802800 , HtmGduy803261 , HtmGdpk803117 , HtmGdcb802770 , HtmGdog803087 , HtmGeal803404 , HtmGdnc803057 , HtmGczu802711 , HtmGdzh803374 , HtmGdlz803028 , HtmGctc802537 , HtmGdyd803344 , HtmGdsq803201 , HtmGdfh802854 , HtmGcrz802508 , HtmGdrm803171 , HtmGcqv802478 , HtmGdqi803141 , HtmGdd8094 , HtmGdkv802998 , HtmGcxm802651 , HtmGecn803458 , HtmGdpe803111 , HtmGdx80114 , HtmGdjr802968 , HtmGdvw803285 , HtmGcve802591 , HtmGdus803255 , HtmGdhj802908 , HtmGcua802561 , HtmGdbw802765 , HtmGdgf802878
ASICS Arthur NIMBUS breathability

We will first cushioning aside, ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 in the performance of breathability is also remarkable, large area of ​​the upper breathable mesh material can be quickly due to the movement of the foot heat generated by the heat, Evaluation process, even if the outdoor temperature is hot, the feet are always feel comfortable and dry, you can very obviously feel the air from the toes into the shoes and then discharged from both sides of the foot, so the experience is very wonderful, at the foot of the ASICS GEL- NIMBUS 15 as a ventilator, even if the distance running longer, the weather and then hot, feet will not feel hot.


Now let us shift the line of sight to the ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 cushioning, before and after the palm large volume of GEL silica gel according to ergonomic arrangement, the most force in the foot of the local effect is most obvious in the small series of running , Can obviously feel the front palm and heel at the strong flexibility, this flexibility and other shock absorption technology is not the same, GEL silicone cushioning more dispersed, rather than concentrated at a point, which also makes GEL silicone More excellent durability, not because of long-distance running and slow down the sense of shock. ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 is also the first use of FLUIDRIDE midsole system, which can assist GEL silica gel, providing more powerful cushioning and energy feedback, the new double bottom structure design through the top of the SOLYTE 45 foam layer and FLUIDRIDE In the end of the platform, not only to reduce the weight of the shoes, but also makes ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 cushioning again improved a grade.

ASICS Arthur NIMBUS support

In addition to the strong cushioning performance, ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 support is also worthy of our praise, after all, even the best cushioning performance running shoes, without proper support will also have great damage to the foot, ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 Of the upper not only with a large area of ​​the mesh material, but also uses the ASICS unique FLUIDFIT uppers system, this system makes GEL-NIMBUS 15 upper and lower sides of the complex, this complex design can be based on the foot in the Movement of the deformation, can be a good support foot, fit the foot, and the use of mesh material for the permeability of the breath will not have the slightest impact. ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 in the end of the support is in place, the bow at the GUIDANCE LINE full palm thread technology can not only maximize the support of the foot, TPU material can also quickly rebound after the force, do not waste the foot Any energy.

ASICS Arthur NIMBUS abrasion resistance

Wear resistance for a pair of running shoes is essential, because not everyone likes running on the boring treadmill to complete, outdoor running for the body and mind is a great relaxation, but the outdoor road is relatively rough, Grinding is a big test, ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 outsole with AHAR + rubber material, due to the different formulations, this material has more than ordinary rubber wear resistance, so even if you run on a sharp road , ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 can also be easily handled.

This pair of ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 in the cushioning of the strong and did not cover other performance is excellent, on the contrary, each performance is at a very high level, we should not be this pair of ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 15 only defined For the slow-type running shoes, excellent performance so that no matter which in the field of running shoes are the flagship of the top running shoes.

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Recently, a spectacular Adidas women run in Shanghai Xintiandi hot run. Four from the beauty, health, shaping and fashion areas of women up to lead 180 fans to four different female charm, challenge Adidas "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" to share running with beautiful secret. Adidas hope that through the "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" to encourage women to play sports creativity, showing from the inside out of the beautiful women running charm.

Adidas held "UltraBOOST X 3K woman running" activities to encourage women to play sports creativity, to show women running charm Adidas held "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" activities to encourage women to play sports creativity, show women running charm
On the eve of the "UltraBOOST X 3K Women's Run" campaign, four people, Li Yan, Sammi, Jessie and Shoe, who represented the beauty, health, shaping and fashion areas, were held for three weeks through their respective social platforms. Online recruitment, a total of 180 people from the national fan of women to participate in this women's activities. Scene, people and fans had a cordial interaction. As a representative of their respective fields, they share their running skills and content from their areas of expertise and fans, including beauty techniques for running, healthy eating methods before and after running, correct warm-up and stretch, and Running dress with the secret, etc., so that the presence of female fans benefit a lot. Four people up to different personality charm, a comprehensive show of the creativity of women running.

HtmGblh801658 , HtmGby8063 , HtmGbvx801934 , HtmGbtu801879 , HtmGbey801493 , HtmGbrq801823 , HtmGcoz802430 , HtmGbpn801768 , HtmGcks802319 , HtmGblg801657 , HtmGcip802264 , HtmGbha801547 , HtmGcgl802208 , HtmGbex801492 , HtmGccf802098 , HtmGcoy802429 , HtmGbcu801437 , HtmGcab802042 , HtmGbxz801988 , HtmGbvw801933 , HtmGbh8046 , HtmGbts801877 , HtmGbrp801822 , HtmGbpm801767 , HtmGcce802097 , HtmGcmu802373 , HtmGblf801656 , HtmGbjc801601 , HtmGbvv801932 , HtmGcgk802207 , HtmGbgz801546 , HtmGbew801491 , HtmGbct801436 , HtmGbpl801766 , HtmGccd802096 , HtmGbtr801876 , HtmGbro801821 , HtmGceg802151 , HtmGcow802427 , HtmGbpk801765 , HtmGcmt802372 , HtmGble801655 , HtmGbxx801986 , HtmGcim802261 , HtmGbja801599 , HtmGcgj802206 , HtmGbgy801545 , HtmGbev801490 , HtmGcef802150 , HtmGbcr801434 , HtmGca8065 , HtmGbld801654 , HtmGbxw801985 , HtmGbvt801930 , HtmGbtq801875 , HtmGcgi802205 , HtmGbeu801489 , HtmGcov802426 , HtmGbpj801764 , HtmGcmr802370 , HtmGcil802260 , HtmGbj8048 , HtmGbgx801544 , HtmGbtp801874 , HtmGcee802149 , HtmGbet801488 , HtmGccb802094 , HtmGcou802425 , HtmGbcq801433

On behalf of beauty, health, shaping and fashion in the field of people with different personality charm, a comprehensive show of women's creativity on behalf of the beauty of makeup, health, shaping and fashion in the field of people with different personality charm, The creativity of women running
As Adidas "Xia Lian country" part of the Adidas in the event site set up a new shoe showcase, popular star with a vanilla, and equipped with a professional stylist, for the participants to create popular sports makeup, to help them to fashion, Beautiful gesture to the peak of energy. Whether it is popular bursting 360-degree camera showcase, or girls heart bursting sports car supply, have inspired the scene of the girls runners of the girls heart, competing photo taken. In the summer night cool breeze, runners in the four KOL's leadership successfully completed the "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" challenge. Event Finally, Adidas also sent a beautiful gift for the runners, to encourage women runners who insist on running, enjoy running, play to make fun more fun and personality.

Adidas set the scene in the activities of the girls heart bursting sports car supply, women runners competing photo shoot Adidas in the event site set up a girl heart bursting sports car, female runners competing photo taken
In the refreshing evening breeze, the runners completed the "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" challenge in the summer night refreshing breeze, the runners completed the "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" challenge
Adidas in 2017 R & D launched the UltraBOOST X female exclusive running shoes to inspire more love sports women to explore their own potential, the full release of creativity. As one of the world's major sports brands, Adidas has been committed to the design, research and development of innovative technology running equipment to help runners to enhance sports performance. In the development of UltraBOOST X, Adidas innovation and technology team using the sports tracking technology ARAMIS system, to the female foot movement for a high degree of detailed analysis, concerned about the need to support women's feet and natural expansion of the space. The purpose is to help women run away to enjoy a comfortable running experience, enjoy sports charm.

Adidas launched the UltraBOOST X female exclusive running shoes, to encourage more love sports women to explore their own potential Adidas launched UltraBOOST X female exclusive running shoes, to stimulate more love sports women to explore their potential
Adidas intimate for the runners prepared a custom equipment package, including rechargeable towels, custom bracelet and Biotherm sample and other Adidas intimate for the runners prepared a custom equipment package, including supply towels, custom bracelet and Biotherm sample, etc.

Adidas always adhere to the women to provide more professional sports equipment and services, through the development of a wide range of female sports activities to help women show the full range of sports charm. The "UltraBOOST X 3K women run" to the new popular form, rich and practical content, so that women run the release of unique creativity, self-style at the same time, inspired more women to join the team to run, released in the movement Potential, to stimulate vitality, to the peak of energy.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

NB RC1500v2

From February to February, the new year's marathon journey is about to begin. And a pair of professional racing running shoes, is undoubtedly accompanied by a necessary weapon to set off. This season, Sina running evaluation room is brought, New Balance acclaimed RC1500 series upgrade models - New Balance RC1500v2 racing professional running shoes. This shoe not only inherited the professional high-speed running shoes, the ultimate light weight and speed feedback, but also have a sufficient amount of stability and cushioning performance. In the speed and stability between the good balance, so that RC1500v2 become a running authority of the media, the United States "runners world" magazine 2015 winter running shoes evaluation of the "editor of the election."

In the long-distance racing, the common lightweight running shoes in the early stages of the movement process is often normal, but it is difficult to buffer and sufficient support to maintain the end of the whole process. Runners in the second half of the movement after the weight of the legs will increase the weight, at this time the foot of running shoes not only need to be light enough, but also need the right sense of support so that we maintain a steady pace, neither feel too abrupt, and can not be missing That step to force when the full sense of strength, only both in order to allow runners to enjoy the fun of racing.

UDaayt21345 , UDaazd21355 , UDabjt21631 , UDabdi21464 , UDabko21652 , UDabed21485 , UDabbd21407 , UDabij21595 , UDabiu21606 , UDabbz21429 , UDabkv21659 , UDabek21492 , UDabiq21602 , UDabcf21435 , UDabaw21400 , UDaber21499 , UDabfb21509 , UDaayh21333 , UDaays21344 , UDaazc21354 , UDabkc21640 , UDabdh21463 , UDabds21474 , UDabbc21406 , UDabii21594 , UDaayz21351 , UDaazj21361 , UDabjz21637 , UDabdo21470 , UDabku21658 , UDabej21491 , UDabip21601 , UDabbj21413 , UDabj261 , UDabce21434 , UDabeq21498 , UDabfa21508 , UDaayg21332 , UDabiw21608 , UDabjg21618 , UDabcl21441 , UDabcw21452 , UDabar21395 , UDabex21505 , UDaayn21339 , UDabki21646 , UDabdy21480 , UDabay21402 , UDabbi21412 , UDaaze21356 , UDabkp21653 , UDabdu21476 , UDabee21486 , UDabep21497 , UDabik21596 , UDabiv21607 , UDabjf21617 , UDabck21440 , UDabaq21394 , UDabew21504 , UDabjb21613 , UDaaym21338 , UDaayx21349 , UDabjm21624 , UDabcr21447 , UDabdb21457 , UDabax21401
RC1500V two color models RC1500V two color models
Diamond-shaped EVA cushion in the end, cushioning more powerful

Figure, RC1500V2 in the end of the use of special technology foam technology to increase the cushioning effect of shoes. A diamond-like small protrusions, can absorb a lot of pressure, and in the release of pressure, to bring feedback to the feet.

T - beam bridge stability system, stable gait

RC1500v2 outstanding stability is also a common difference with the common racing class running shoes, the bottom of the T-Beam mid-stable bridge (in the middle of the middle of the red plate) to enhance the anti-torsion performance, with Medial Post foot enhancement strength support, Formed from the inside to the bottom of the reliable and stable structure, while strengthening the carbon rubber outsole also makes the durability of running shoes continue longer.

The bottom of the dynamic trajectory guidance, focus on power

In order to guide the runner in the running process to better force, New Balance RC1500v2 at the bottom of the gait track to join the bending groove, so that the athlete's foot force can be more concentrated in the running process to effectively avoid the feet Shake, reduce foot muscle loss. For the pursuit of light in the game there is a certain degree of internal rotation of the players, this New Balance 1500v2 will ensure the maximum speed of the racing process to play.

Fantom-fit seamless upper feel fit

The new generation of vamps uses Fantom Fit technology to provide a comfortable fit of the support, more light and breathable mesh with soft lining material to provide excellent skin-friendly experience. The middle of the shoe in the middle of the shoe structure can be tight enough to cover the bow, which for a race can be used for racing models is essential. Integral forming seamless design, to create a good permeability and support, at the same time, more suitable for long-distance travel VL-6 professional running shoe last use also shows 1500v2 advantage in the long distance race.

Authoritative media "editor of the election"

RC1500 series inherited the New Balance professional running shoes of the fine gene, which in its previous generation RC1500v1 who already appeared, the front of the previous generation has been won the "runners world" magazine "best show" award. And this year to upgrade the RC1500v2 live up to expectations won the "runners world" magazine 2015 winter running shoes evaluation "editor of the election" award, RC1500v2 is such a step forward to the master of the best way to choose the transition. "We do not want to drag the hind legs by the heavy running shoes at the time of the long run, but we also need enough cushioning and support to ensure that we are stabilizing at the time of physical decline." Both lightweight and flexible The RC1500v2, not only to reduce the runners in the long-distance running the burden, while providing adequate support, outsole rubber compared to RC1500v1 more wear-resistant, tongue and foot of the package has also been improved, Perfect to meet the runners on the quality of light, good support, such as the need for multiple shocks.


Get this pair of shoes, I know that this is not a pair of daily wear shoes, but for training for the game and students. To light and both cushion EVA in the end, for your game to create unlimited possibilities.

I chose the site I often go to the Austrian South Park, the day the weather is superb, although still very cold, although the sun shines on the body without a warm feeling, but at least some warm illusion is enough. South Park ran 5 km, the shoes are very light, the upper fabric fit the feet very comfortable, and cushioning effect is obvious, to accelerate the change is very comfortable, road running performance performance is excellent. Because it is racing shoes, parcel feeling certainly not too strong, but in long distance running worth looking forward to.

RC1500V this pair of shoes, I feel very much need to run together. For the first runner, if the habit of wearing a strong package, or too slow to play shoes, try to wear this pair of running a few more than 5 km or 10 km. Advanced runners or master, you can feel the flexibility to adapt to the soles of the soles.

New Balance RC1500v2 racing professional running shoes, with a sufficient amount of cushion with light stabilization effect, not only can reduce the burden of each step of the runners movement, but also to make the pace of every step of the runner is more robust, in the provision of excellence Performance at the same time for the runners from the training to the sprint end are brought appropriate protection, help runners regardless of daily training or marathon wear, can break through their limits, always ready to embark on an infinite journey possible.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Learn from the past inspiration and create the future of the road. In order to create the ultimate weapon for agile players, Adidas to explore the war, dance and sports in the use of bandage banding method to improve the physical and spiritual strength of the way, developed Adidas football latest boots Nemeziz, designed for the game the most flexible players to provide unparalleled Agility.

The new boots Nemeziz designed for the most agile players in the game design, inspired by the bandage bandage to improve stability and agility. In order to be able to play their best level, they need to be able to provide security, good support and excellent adaptability of the perfect boots, in the manufacture of Nemeziz these requirements is also a priority factor.

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To ensure that these requirements to achieve top performance, Adidas introduced a number of design features. Unique AGILITYBANDAGE with revolutionary TORSIONTAPES technology, not only can lock the foot, and bring the ultimate fit comfortable wearing experience, at the same time, double lock tongue can ensure that the ankle at any time to carry out the explosive line.

TORSIONFRAME Outsole with ultra-light structure, and TORSIONFRAME provides a push-type support, which is the key feature of agile mobility. The new AGILITYKNIT 2.0 interlocked knit structure brings a soft texture and a direct touch and ultra-light adaptive wear experience.

In order to ensure that athletes can get the same agility support on any occasion, Nemeziz also introduced small and street models. TORSIONTAPES and AGILITYKNIT 2.0 are used in the same field, and the players in the field and street games also have the tools to support their agility.

Leo Messi will be wearing Nemeziz for the first time on May 27 for the King's Cup final, and he commented on the pair of boots: "Destruction is part of my game. A player must make a rival Destructive attacks, and the faster the better. In order to be able to achieve this, you must fully believe that the foot of the boots and their agility, so as to achieve rapid movement and adjustment for my game, this pair of boots perfect perfect "

"For Adidas football, we are part of the design inspiration is to review the past to help us look forward to the future, this theory has also been used in the design of Nemeziz. Wrapped around the bandages and bandages," said Sam Handy, vice president of soccer design at Adidas. The theory of banding is not a new idea, it has appeared on some of our classic products and other areas, such as martial arts. This theory has been extended for many generations.We Nemeziz design is used for this idea, that is, , Support the relationship with agility, and use it to support the most destructive players in the game.Our main goal is to provide the player with the most suitable weapon, to maximize their creativity.Through Nemeziz we think we provide 'S structure and support can help Messi, Philipino and Sanchez and other players to play their true potential.

Nemeziz boots will be a bold sandstorm black and white color market, will become the Rio Messi, Renato Sanchez and Roberto Philinho players such as the new boots, June 1 Adidas official mall , Adidas days cat flagship store and Adidas retail store full sale.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


KING series of the king returned to the PUMA issued a special section of football shoes

48 years of endless life: PUMA highly acclaimed KING series of football shoes back! This time, it is "Made in Italy" special edition identity with everyone to re-meet, pay attention to every detail of the shoes, so that this pair of high-quality shoes transformed into a legend.

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"Made in Italy" is the symbol of exquisite craftsmanship, the country has been known for senior handmade shoes. The launch of the PUMA KING M.I.I football boots by the senior craftsmen carefully crafted, from the toes to the tongue of every detail to perfection, the value of hand football shoes to be able to show. Through the delicate process and with the details of the art to create the KING series, heritage of its top quality performance, is now ready to conquer the world, become a classic across the times.

As the football legend of the footwear industry, almost all the football king through the KING series of football shoes. From Portugal to Spain, from the Netherlands to Argentina, through KING shoes top players whether it is the game or the number of goals has always been their own era of the leader. PUMA KING is not just shoes, as a legend, it is unique to the existence.

Born in 1968, the PUMA KING series of shoes will be the top material and the "South American" style toe and popular, this design can make the foot closer to football, and then enhance the touch. 70s of last century, the shoe design has been further improved, from the football field to become the supreme boots. The