Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reebok ZigQuick Fire

Running as the most primitive movement, has been much sought after people, and running shoes is also one of the most valued brands of one of the products, running seemingly simple, but the requirements of the shoes is not lost to those intense movement, , Breathable, support, durable one can not be less, so a pair of excellent running shoes need to be verified in the measured, and today we have to verify this Reebok ZigQuick Fire, to see how these pairs of running shoes can bring us how surprises.
ZigQuick Fire is the most attractive in the end of the exaggerated, such as "large intestine" cushioning system, ZigQuick running shoes Xiaobian is also the first time wearing, after the foot, Xiao Bian feel this cushioning system and other cushioning technology There is a big difference, the hard feeling is difficult to let people have a good impression, but after 5 km, Xiao Bian for ZigQuick's impression has occurred 180 degrees change, indeed, hard wear feeling and can not be in the initial Let people accept, but in the long run, too soft cushioning technology will make your feet tired, and Zigquick's sense of shock just right, especially in the long distance, your feet will not feel sore, waves Shaped cushioning structure can not only disperse the vertical foot pressure, for the lateral pressure also has a good release of the release capacity, which is generally cushioning technology can not be given, and the foot of the Transition Zone can gently over the forefoot to After the palm of the pressure, so this pair of ZigQuick Fire cushioning is still satisfactory, but you have to go through the run to adapt.
For running shoes, in addition to cushioning, breathability is also a major factor, after all, who do not want his feet after running sweating, ZigQuick Fire breathability or let Xiaobian very satisfied with the large area of ​​the upper breathable net Quickly excreted his feet because of the movement of the heat generated in the 5 km test, Xiao Bian did not feel the feet of the hot, but very refreshing, the upper use of breathable material, this seemingly ancient breathable way, but The best effect. ZigQuick Fire can be fully qualified for the wearer's long-distance running.
Having the breathability, the support of ZigQuick Fire has become the focus of our attention, after all, excellent breathability will cover up part of the support, but in this pair of ZigQuick Fire who, Xiao Bian feel the permeability and support and The ZigQuick Fire's upper area is responsible for a large area, and in some key parts, TPU for its unparalleled support, toe Department, The upper part of the upper, the heel of the support is gratifying, coupled with the end of the cushion, whether you are running 5 km or 10 km, ZigQuick Fire can fully protect your feet, so you every step times Sense of stability and stability.
ZigQuick Fire's durability is also worthy of our attention, we mentioned before, ZigQuick Fire is a pair of long-distance running running shoes, so its durability is also a bright spot, outsole that crawler-like rubber material can easily conquer your feet Of the road, whether you are in the park or the road, ZigQuick Fire wear resistance and durability are worth your trust.
Through the measurement, we verified that this pair of ZigQuick Fire is a pair of excellent running shoes, but the premise is that you want to conquer long distance, here, Xiaobian this pair of ZigQuick Fire recommended to like long distance running, and slightly larger friends.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Asics GEL-Kayano 19

Asics brand has always been low-key, professional, progressive impression, although ranked the world's four major running shoes brand first, but we almost never see any propaganda about Asics, which may be the brand spirit of Asics, when a brand will do the product To the extreme, naturally will be the concern of the global runners. Today, our protagonist completely inherited the excellent tradition of the series, adhering to Asics professional spirit, it is Asics GEL-Kayano 19.
Ase GEL-Kayano 19 of the upper using a sub-regional design, this design we have seen in many professional running shoes, a large area of ​​breathable mesh with artificial cortex, breathable and support both, in the actual wear, small Feel the GEL-Kayano 19's upper mesh material has a certain degree of flexibility, with the movement of the foot and telescopic, enhanced uug of the fit, and mesh material in the breath is also enough in place, in the 5 km running Later, Xiao Bian's feet did not feel hot, especially the toe is very obvious, large area of ​​the mesh material to ensure the GEL-Kayano 19 excellent breathability.
Aspire GEL-Kayano 19 uses SOLYTE midsole technology with Asics headed cushioning technology GEL silicone configuration, this silica cushioning has long been proved numerous times, compared to gas shock, GEL silicone has a more stable performance And persistence, will not be due to the strength of running increased cushioning performance decline, and SOLYTE midsole technology in strength and structure are different from the EVA material, lighter and more flexible, in the wear, small Compiled in the end of the GEL-Kayano 19 showed a low before the high design, the forefoot of the GEL cushioning plastic volume smaller, which is to make the wearer feel better on the ground, after the palm of the GEL cushioning volume is more Large, can meet the needs of anyone for the cushioning, in the course of running, the end of the GEL-Kayano 19 based on the kind of strong flexibility is very wonderful, but also make you run more easily, feet no pain.
A pair of professional running shoes in addition to have excellent ventilation and cushioning, in a long distance after the running, your feet also need to have sufficient support to maintain, in this pair of GEL-Kayano 19 on the upper, in addition to Large area with a scalable mesh material, hard artificial leather according to ergonomic design, in the main force point to do the reinforcement treatment, in the running, you can obviously feel the foot support, even after the foot tired There will not be overturned in the situation, in the end support, the arch at the TPU skeleton will be the forefoot and the back of the palm together, smooth over, TPU material in the force after the rapid rebound to ensure that the energy will not run Loss, and followed by the inside of the Dynamic Duomax dynamic double density anti-tilt device in the inhibition of the heel tilt while dispersing the impact of the ground to the foot, very suitable for foot valgus runners.
GEL-Kayano 19 outsole with AHAR + wear rubber outsole, this rubber to maintain a lightweight at the same time can play a certain cushioning effect, and durability is outstanding, due to the different formulations of rubber production, AHAR + wear-resistant rubber can provide more than 5 times the durability of traditional rubber, which makes GEL-Kayano 19 can easily deal with any test of the road.
Throughout this pair of GEL-Kayano 19, in the inheritance of the series of excellent traditions at the same time, in the cushioning aspects of a little adjustment, the former low after the high design can not only enhance the protection of running shoes, but also correct bad running posture , And if not dazzling color, the low profile GEL-Kayano 19 is hard to attract your attention in the first time, but when you wear it run, you will feel Asic's brand spirit in this pair of GEL-Kayano 19 has been the greatest expression.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Supernova Sequence 6

Supernova sequence series after several years of development has become adidas jogging shoes in a banner, it represents the pragmatism from the German low-key character and pragmatic attitude. As the German cars in general, simple appearance and not too many bright spots, but when you really launch it will bring you a steady stream of surprises. This time Xiaobian foot on the series of new masterpiece adidas supernova sequence 6, let us feel together.
Adidas supernova sequence 6 appearance of the previous design ideas, whether it is the overall shape or the use of lines are very familiar with, although the use of the most advanced production process, but the visual effect is still very traditional. In the technology configuration has not done much adjustment, mature technology is consistent with the excellent wearing experience, the details of the optimization is to make this experience tends to perfect. In the long test adidas supernova sequence 6 like a friend, constantly and feet to communicate, after the end of the test I feel more comfortable but not tired.
The upper with a whole mesh to build, to heat paste and material to complete the support of the upper, as little as possible to ensure a more seamless seams. Although the big mesh to give up the fabric, but the thin material to provide adequate ventilation effect, the test has been kept in the foot dry and comfortable. Lined with high-end Geo fit technology, this foam lining and not too much filler, but full of flexibility. Shoes on both sides of the iconic three-way bar also helped to complete the fixed feet, Xiaobian tighten the lace after Geo fit lining completely wrapped in the feet are not tight, soft pressure scattered on the feet of each One, very comfortable.
Supernova sequence 6 continued adidas generous tradition, in the end of the configuration is very rich. Before the palm of the adiPRENE + timeless, full of flexibility of the foot feel and then familiar with, and each time the force can feel an extra power. After the use of ForMOTION technology, although not so long history, but also has been very mature. When my hind feet fall, it absorbs the impact of the ankle and knees well, and will automatically correct my gait, to avoid the risk of rollover. The task before and after the connection is still handed over to the classic Torsion System technology, combined with the new Pro-Moderator + technology, seemingly fine material is very good to complete the landing when the foot strength balance and transition, no matter how I force the soles are not Excessive deformation.
Often overlooked outsole in the running shoes has a very important role, supernova sequence 6 outsole particles compared to the former is more small, this design will help to share the pressure of the soles, bringing better cushioning effect. Outside the line is not too deep, in the flat on the road has a good grip, the design of the original intention to take into account all the needs of long-distance running. Continental Horse brand rubber with the use of adiWEAR wear-resistant material will be the end of the durability of the maximum increase, so that these excellent running shoes can accompany the owner more time.
Jogging has never been a publicity campaign, in the long running process we are more in the taste alone. A good running partner at this time it is particularly important, it will help you deal with cushioning, force and a series of problems, to resist sprains, rollover and other injuries, and runners want to think about only the constant go ahead. And the supernova sequence 6 of the German quality rock solid, is definitely a trusted partner.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

adidas Energy Boost 2

Last year the birth of adidas Energy Boost, the way the material shocked to a new height, simply brought about by the flexibility experience, absolutely can be in all similar products come out on top. After a year of running and adjustment, the new adidas Energy Boost 2 in addition to the continuation of the original very good foot feeling, but also in some difficult to detect the subtleties to make adjustments to a more perfect appearance in front of us.
This time the debut of the second generation of products, in the shape of the whole pair of shoes and did not do much adjustment, still maintained a smooth contours, obviously upturned toe is one of the highlights of this series, the lines of deja vu In the end of the full amount of Boost modules are very familiar with people. Similarly, the production of the shoe last and the same as before, the shoes are relatively thin space, all parts are not rich, foot-type relatively large friends may take some time to adapt.
Vamp upgrade reflects the adidas the intention of the place. Heel and shoes on both sides of the TPU material compared to the former for more tough, but also more solid, tied a good shoelace after the parcel is very good, and even can be said to be some tight. The toe parts of the hot posts and materials cover a larger area, an increase of the soles of the soles of the feet, running in the stability of the more outstanding. The upper material follows the proven Techfit technology and extends all the way to the ankle, and the light-through technology properties are ideal for the upcoming spring.
Impact of the midsole shape is adidas Energy Boost series of the most attractive place, with the "Energizer" word to describe the most representative, flexible enough, the body is large enough. Although the surface looks different from the former is not large, but it can still feel some difference, feet feel no longer too soft, replaced by a better toughness in the test can be clearly felt from the bottom of the rebound, Every time the floor of the energy are quickly transformed into the next foot lift power. At the same time before the mid-arch of the issue of acid has been alleviated this time.
The black outsole rubber uses adiWear® technology and is divided into a number of crushed non-slip particles with excellent durability and grip performance. Through the outsole rubber can see the "X" type of TORSION System, before and after the palm of the key parts have a long extension, as adidas the oldest technology, its effect needless to say. Large area of ​​exposed Boost to help in the end of the elastic play, but also easy to scratch, although a little wear and tear affect the overall performance, but it seems inevitably some distressed. In general, outsole design advantages and hidden risks coexist.
After the past year's attempt, increasingly mature Boost technology will be fully developed this year, the product line will quickly cover all kinds of shoes. Adidas Energy Boost 2 as the flagship of the jogging shoes family, its technology and in the end of the texture are second to none, tired of the traditional materials, this "Energizer II" is definitely not to miss the first choice.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Alternate Air Jordan 7 Doernbecher”

The day before the Nike released 2016 Doernbecher Freestyle series, one of the most concerned about the Air Jordan 7 DB, and even more unexpected is that this by Damien Phillips children's shoes and two pairs of "Alternate" Sample version The The whole black and black colors constitute the main line of vision, all black upper to join the red texture pattern cover, shoelaces and heel were added guitar details elements, Damien's name abbreviation "DJP" to offset the way to join the logo, and finally equipped with cartoon crystal At the end of the full interpretation of the rock 'n' roll rock spirit and infinite passion for life. It is reported that this section is only 2 pairs of color production, the auction price is as high as $ 4,5000 US dollars, we may wish to see through the box video style it!
Every year Jordan Brand launched the "Nike Doernbecher Freestyle" charity series are high hopes, and this year Air Jordan 7 will become the protagonist of this design. It is reported that the charity auction will be held on October 28 in Portland, Oregon, the designer for the Damien Phillips children, inspired by his favorite guitar. From the exposure of the spy photos can be seen, the upper will be red and black two-color intertwined, supplemented by white embellishment in the details everywhere, the outsole is joined the hand-held guitar cartoon characters. Later SneakerDaily will bring you a complete preview of the picture, so stay tuned.
In Jordan Brand 2017 reunion army, there is a Air Jordan 7 all white version is particularly special. The upper is covered in pure white tones, including the upper to the outsole are covered with white, supplemented by silver in the tongue position, this setting can not help but think of another unlisted version of "Silver Anniversary", past Only in the Sample shoes see the color of this welcome usher in the market, have to say is good news. It is reported that this shoe will be launched on June 3, priced at $ 190, interested friends may wish to pay attention to SneakerDaily tracking reports.

Air Jordan 7
Color: White / Metal Silver - Pure White
Item: 304775-120
Release date: June 3, 2017
Price: $ 190

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

adidas CrazyLight Boost

Close contact with the surprise of the collision
Two years ago adidas launched Boost technology, this shape some of the shape of the plastic guy in the early release did not give you any good impression. And when the application of Boost's first product adidas EnergyBoost running shoes after the advent of everyone so deeply remember that the so-called material slow shock revolution in the new technology. Especially different from the previous Eva material, but after the hot melt TPU. In the course of two years of development Boost technology has been covered in the adidas product line more than half of the country, and these products are basically limited to running shoes, but also no extra breakthrough. And in two years after adidas finally applied it to the basketball shoes products, for some of the fatigue of the tired people to bring fresh objects.
Technology continues energy products
Early in the running shoes products launched Boost technology of the big application, in such a move is bound and two years of development trends, you are bound to think of the future of basketball shoes products. And basketball shoes products will be what kind of form, and do not know, but there will be many expectations. Nowadays adidas CrazyLight Boost gives the answer, it really came, for the rich and famous Boost applied to basketball shoes products will have what kind of performance, we will be in the evaluation for you one by one answer.
Fully armed from the "head" began
First look at the upper system, in this era of plastic shoes can see some non-plasticized armed measures naturally very satisfactory. This time, CrazyLight Boost fabric materials to create the entire vamp system, in order to make up the fabric itself is more soft upper features, especially in the fabric uppers covered with a layer of thermal bonding material, to enhance the support of the upper. After the foot of the plant vamps system affinity is very strong, the upper soft feet comfort higher. But the overall support performance is still slightly less, the height of the upper design fully proved that it is a pair of authentic backcourt players shoes, ankle flexibility, for the players in the backcourt is a good choice.
Technology wins to "play" difficult
In the end of science and technology is naturally the most important part of the CrazyLight Boost, after the palm implanted Boost technology, compared to running shoes in the basketball shoes Boost in the filling volume has been reduced, so for the larger weight of the players From the palm of the elasticity is not obvious. In addition, it is regrettable that in the forefoot and not equipped with Boost technology, but because the post-filling is not large, so before and after the palm in the wearing process did not appear too much wearing a gap, and earlier friends have been concerned about the Boost Technology Their flexibility is too large will cause poor stability in terms of the problem, the basic can be exempt from such worries.
Conservative win
Outside the side, CrazyLight Boost in the blood on the continuation of the CrazyLight series of basketball shoes design to the outer edge of the road is more simple, and in the CrazyLight Boost body using a single vertical pattern, this design in combat for the lateral movement of the change In terms of a good grip effect, because it is a pair of iconic backcourt shoes, so a single out of the outer edge of the road just in the start to give the wearer some help. In addition, the outsole support structure in the design of basketball shoes is more conservative, followed in the Boost running shoes in the common X-shaped support, as in the running shoes have a good support effect, so this application also continued excellent Support performance.
Intimate contact with the future
Comprehensive CrazyLight Boost in this evaluation of the performance, for the long time looking forward to Boost basketball shoes products do not seem to have enough feet to addiction, slightly less application of the way so that we see the operation of the conservative factors. CrazyLight Boost has not been due to Boost technology to join and make it more eye-catching, but compared to the previous adidas brand of basketball shoes products, it is still clinging to maintain the inherent brand style. Passed to me the signal, its characteristics are more preferred to those backcourt players. And for basketball shoes for Boost technology I think we can continue to look forward to the future.

Monday, April 24, 2017

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

Big data under the running shoes
Urban jogging has become one of the most popular exercise methods, how to choose a pair of good shock absorption and fast boost the light running shoes, is a lot of running friends most concerned about the problem. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante is based on the many demands of the current environment. Through the process of collecting the data of the body function during the running process, the integrated sports data is used to produce the massive simulation test blueprint to create the ergonomic honeycomb structure. New Balance uses the epoch Man-machine combination design, to create "soft technology full protection," the professional running shoes Fresh Foam Zante, for the city runners to bring a full range of protection and comfort foot feeling.
Comfortably leading the city
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante after the foot with the appearance of feeling consistent with the light feeling, thick midsole and no obvious sense of weight. Through a simple walk can feel the end of the full flexibility, the overall comfortable foot feeling can be regarded as an advantage of road jogging. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's shoe type is not strong, so the common foot type can control it, but the soft midsole is not recommended to have the temples of the people try.
Uppers fashion technology
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's upper in the running shoes can really be said to be stylish and comfortable coexistence, color design of the upper regardless of running or everyday wear is a good choice. In the running process, the streamlined vamp, the middle of the compact package with the whole design of the inner boots, making the vamps more fit feet. The application of breathable mesh so that the feet will not feel any discomfort during the running process, so in this season, such a pair of running shoes is certainly a good choice.
Soft throughout the bottom
In the bottom side of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante full palm FRESH FOAM technology, the whole piece of design makes this pair of shoes have a soft foot feeling. But in the course of running a solid outsole really a little too soft, resulting in insufficient support of the soles. But the soft foot feeling in daily life and low-intensity exercise is indeed a good choice.
Honeycomb outsole
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's honeycomb outsole is exactly the same as the outsole of the previous New Balance M980, using a unique hexagonal pattern and divided into particles of different sizes according to the outsole area. Outer rubber hardness is greater, to make up for the lack of midsole, although the outsole is relatively flat, but can be fully qualified in the flat asphalt pavement and plastic runway
City jogging new choice
The performance of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante in the whole test can be said to be satisfactory, comfort can be said to be the leader in running shoes. But in terms of jogging needs, this pair of shoes is not all the strength is suitable. Compared to professional sports and high-intensity competition, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante's overall ability is still slightly less, but in front of it as the birth of the original intention, is entirely for the city jogging.