Friday, October 20, 2017

nike air huarache wear

It is spring and summer season is also wearing a very good season for sports shoes, sports shoes can be a good way to set off the legs of the legs of the legs look more straight, boys wearing more movement, girls will be more lively and playful. Like wearing a variety of clothing will show a very good effect, in the choice of clothing when there are many other single product can be with a very good match, like this single consumption of clothing Who is still more.

In many stars of the nike huarache street shoot we will often see such a single product with, for example, there are a lot of relatively nice solid color or color area is relatively large white or black wild color and then match when we all You can choose to match with jeans, especially this year is very popular some good-looking broken jeans to Nike Wallace will make people feel the overall fashion is very fashionable, for girls, this more classic colors can also be used To match a variety of denim shorts and short skirts, etc., the overall design effect is very beautiful, people shines. There are some bright lines can be used with pink and white clothing, men in the process of wearing a light can be selected with some light-colored casual pants to match such a bright color of the shoes, but also Giving a very sense of the trend of the flu, is a very good with the principle of the other Nike Wallace with the process, you can also pay attention to with some beach pants or sports suits will also be very good to see the color.
Choose Nike Wallace with such a single product clothing can make the overall effect of wearing a more fashion movement.

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Nike shoes in the design of a lot of special elements, even if it comes to such a small skill, we also need according to the different colors of shoes in the selection of clothing in the process of a good understanding. For example, if you choose a relatively bright color of the shoes, and then with the clothing when you can choose some plain colors to carry out a good match, if the wearing process like some black and white or cork color nike air force 1 with, then the clothing can be more appear in some candy color or fluorescent color elements, this year is still very popular with some color jeans and printed T-shirt, in the match when the appropriate match.

On some examples of this is also very much, we generally do not like this way to wear a problem. First of all, if you choose a white line, men can match a light-colored jeans with black and white T-shirt, or some solid but not tight other T-shirt for such a match will be very Of the good-looking, girls choose this kind of shoes can be used with light-colored skirt or shorts will be very beautiful, people think the whole people are shining. In addition, if you choose the black with the clothing, then some with bright color embellishment of sports casual pants with white T-shirt is very nice, in the spring and autumn season outside the mask on a candy-colored sports jacket that can. Or choose bright colors to match when the gray black white sports suit will be very good to see the overall match.
This summer, whether men or women can be prepared to print some of the short-sleeved patterns, this can also be with a beautiful overall effect.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

nike air yeezy 2 pure platinum

For running friends enthusiasts, the sun has become the current show off the capital, especially for a running shoes of love, to be able to shoot in the circle of friends friends. nike yeezy street shot is not only very envious, and nike yeezy models design is unique, very fashionable single product, enjoy the fashion elements at the same time can also have a light and comfortable fun, the people who love running shoes is why And not for it. In addition, in addition to nike yeezy, there are a lot of running shoes for street shooting, let Xiaobian let us introduce several fashionable single product sports shoes it

Nike Nike launched the ID business after the creative ID style, especially the color of the wolf gray with orange-red mix, coupled with the green soles, immediately in the hot friends Fried, for running friends who run shoes full of fresh shoes, so won a lot of consumers love. This running shoes cost is also high, so choose this running shoes consumers are after careful consideration of the results. There are three themes color, its design is very special, style looks unique, which is the main reason consumers love yayzy2.

Talk about the street shoot will have to mention the running shoes, this running shoes is definitely the first shot to win the street weight, the color of the match itself is very eye-catching, coupled with the design of the fluorescent for the runners to add a little beautiful The color. This sports shoes was Wicker's nickname "Yeezy", in Nike's rich history of sports to a higher level, learn from a variety of innovative elements, and into the fashion lines and material design elements, to the consumer Kind of unique, unique feeling. whether it is in the streets, bars or schools, are a worthwhile show off the running shoes.

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James through the basketball shoes is based on the basketball star through the style of shoes to develop the design of the series, from generation to generation, Nike brand combination of movement characteristics, follow the traditional style based on the basic movement to retain the function and style , For the improvement of fabric and detail and design, become the most important features. James through the basketball shoes brought together sports and dedicated functions in one, the practice of basic basketball as the main features, is a consumer in a very wide range of awareness of the type of shoes, mainly to high to help the main.

Color and details, in the James through the basketball shoe design highlights are clear, monochrome main color is obvious, decorated to mark the main, auxiliary decoration with simple color, mainly highlight the use of color coordination, in the overall decorative effect Aspect, has a very stylish features, relatively rich variety, after several generations of design, product serialization of production and scale, also has a high degree of recognition. Choose James through the basketball shoes is very simple, like the style of James, coupled with the requirements of the color, to the official website can order selection, it is convenient.
Combined with the needs of wearing, take the road of innovation and development, James through the basketball shoes are constantly upgrading, from the first generation of development, to the tenth generation of updates, that is, to retain the hearts of people so complex and impression, but also In the shoes of the fabric, workmanship, the details of human function, with a lot of improvement. More in line with the needs of sports, but also in the practice of wearing comfort, wear resistance, have made great progress. In the Nike design through the basketball shoes in the process, to grasp a quality principle, but also highlight the traditional personality, so that consumers have been like this shoe reason.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

nike air foamposite play

in order to make it return to the top of the glory of the use of the world's most high-end technology, through the use of improved zoom air and carbon plate, vamps of the foam material, are carefully Elected out. So for the actual combat and nike air foamposite what kind of experience?
First of all, because of the application of a molding of the upper technology, basketball shoes can provide a better package, which can make it have a better, more stable results. A molding process is different from other production processes, it is more like a metal device, with the mold and then make it a stereotypes. At the same time the shoes also used a unique design style boots, feet in the shoes can be firmly close, fit particularly high. Not only because of the foot feel good, its strong, soft and tough foamposite is very unique and eye-catching. If your foot type is wide, it may be the first time to wear when there will be uncomfortable feeling, but more than a few times to wear the situation will be different, so that the shoes better adapted to your feet.

Let us look at how the actual combat effect, the cheek-shaped outsole pattern has a strong grip performance, it can be said that this shoe can be comparable with the 11 generations of the trapeze. Coupled with carbon fiber support is to make the invincible when the actual combat, with high strength stability. One after the stability of the combination of shoes with a unique design style, for the offensive player in the basket, the performance is definitely one of the best. Although the foot feeling comfortable, practical effect is excellent, but because of the high cost of technology, so the market price is as high as more than 1,800, so many people in front of high prices stop.
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Men in the play when the time should be how to choose, how to choose their best fit for the sports shoes, which of course, according to the different sports to qualitative, today is called to suppress the ball and the ball in the ability From the location of the basketball player qualitative one can provide complete stability of the Nike Bryant 10 black gold. If you want to this Nike Bryant 10 black gold series of sports shoes are interested, today's introduction, is definitely not to be missed you excellent.

First Nike this Nike Bryant 10 Beethoven shoes suitable for weight will not be too fat men, but also in the position on the basketball court the main point of the main ball is to jump the main shooting style. Because in this position in the sports players to be able to Nike this Nike Bryant 10 Beethoven series of sports shoes to play to the best extreme cushioning, the first focus is on this nike Bryant 10 start the appearance of night shoes To black, the upper and the white soles of the main, and then with the color on a wild style, white crystal soles with the value in terms of a relatively tall and has a bright spot of hope, this Sports shoes in the wear resistance is also a good conscience shoes, of course, this sports shoes Mo force is more suitable for some indoor occasions is not suitable for cement.
That this nike Bryant 10 start night sports shoes with the eyes of the package is the focus of his boots, high-help design layer of the sense of your ankle to fully wrapped this shoe if you need to buy, or to buy a partial Big size, because it can show his home page sex, and will not let your footsteps, too tight. Anyway, is the best advantage of this shoe, for it no need to say, you can understand, in this shoes for the most important permeability of this shoe is expected to design is also very good and will not be high to help shoes Breathable and hot to make you feel impetuous, but with a breathable, super-praise effect.

Monday, October 16, 2017

nike air foamposite one olympic

Shoes too much, easy to dazzled, but Nike shoes, many have their own characteristics, and nike air foamposite one olympic reputation as: have the finishing touch of the shoes.
First from its appearance, in fact, there is no special place, but there is a different, that is, there is a very strange color, very special, you can imagine, for the crowd, there is a certain limited. But the other colors of the shoes, the degree of popularity to Tingduo. Second, the package of shoes is very good, so that the design can be very good fixed soles of the feet, because such a design, you can protect the feet, nike air foamposite pro university red will not appear forefoot loose situation.

Of course, the choice of material, very good. The design of the arch is also very good, but the foot slightly fat, may be careful to choose, a little narrow
No matter which one of the shoes, women will choose for the love of sports, but the ladies or beauty, is nature, so you will want a little bit of sports shoes, and nike air foamposite cherry is very beautiful, suitable for girls, but because The design of this shoe is the design of the whole palm board, using a lightweight mesh design of the upper, there are not the same design texture, still in the end of the place, to design, Will be very light, and can have a good cushion effect. Of course, the shoes, but also to say that there are heels and toe place, because the wear resistance is to grasp the elements of grip, so it will be designed, so the shoes will be a good wear Earth force, will be relatively safe and very good.

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For those who love sports, most are eager to run like a free wind, feel the joy of movement. This time we need a pair of really fit the shoes, so that will help us to exercise. Currently there are many sports shoes on the market, many consumers do not know how to buy, in fact, the best choice is nike20k8.

Because it is not only good quality, but also very high performance, strong and durable, especially for those who love sports. nike20k8 generation of the biggest feature is the shape design is relatively new, to meet the needs of people for personalized shoes. In many people's eyes brand-name shoes must be particularly expensive, in fact, is not the case, because the demand for brand-name shoes is relatively large, naturally will reduce its price, so that more people can buy. Then the Nike 20k8 on behalf of how much money, it is not expensive price, relative to ordinary shoes, its price is not much higher, on the contrary the quality of this shoe is very reliable.
Many consumers in the purchase of shoes when the total like to buy counters to buy shoes, if the consumer to the counter to buy shoes should be a very favorable price, and the biggest advantage in the counter to buy shoes is that you do not have to worry about the product Quality, because the counter sold in each pair of Nike 20k8 generation of quality and performance are very good, especially for young people to wear.
If you want to publicize their own personality, want to have a pair of really fit shoes, then the Nike 20k8 will be your best choice. Nike 20k8 on behalf of the air cushion shoes in terms of quality or shape design are very to the force, can give you love sports more power, not only to protect the safety of the movement, but also to make the movement more free and comfortable.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

air max audacity air max express

Nike is a pair of simple design boots, big Swoosh very old shoes style. Hot melt upper with Phylon in the end, largely reduced the weight of the shoe body, and then the palm of the Air Max 180 air cushion is in recent years, one of the representative of the cushioning technology. Since LEBRON 8 P.S., we have seen this almost half of the midsole in the back of the palm cushion gradually popular to open ... ...

From LEBRON 9 such top signature shoes to Penny 5, such as CJ81 Trainer - football star Kelvin Johnson signature shoes, 1997, the air max minot with a new look back , And at the same time bring three colors, such as air max enzo is a pair of front and rear of the MAX running shoes. Air Max 180 everywhere, and are used in a very topic of shoes on top of. Today, in the air price of the original price of ¥ 799 boots, but also can enjoy such a good after the palm cushion cushioning technology, for basketball lovers, is a good experience on the foot!

The effect of changing the upper technology to Hyperfuse is derived from a NIKE memorable shoes 'Turf'. Nike Air Max Express in the design of a lot of Air Griffey Max II shadow. This in the shape of the draw on the CB34 and Uptempo shoes with a strong 90's style, the upper level of the design and use of the high-level shoes are popular when the shoes. And as a new shoe, there are times with the times, hyperfuse fly line uppers is the best example, compared with the 90's shoes more light breathable.
Nike Zoom Flyposite is a vamp using Foamposite material and Nike Big Swoosh football shoes. And this time we see this new ZOOM in the end of the current replacement of the current full of Max Air 360 air cushion configuration, the body to the black leather material-based material, with a dazzling red Foamposite material decoration and stability of the shoe body, while the toe with a red line out of the dazzling Swoosh, quite eye-catching. Full of domineering yellow AIR MAX 360 open window cushion in the end, with this shoe dazzling also can give you a comfortable foot feeling.

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Nike Wallace pink flowers are light pink as the main features, with fashion personality temperament, suitable for sweet style wearing sports shoes. The same is the classic Nike, but this Nike Wallace light powder design, bold choice to use the color of light powder, that is, pink and lovely, but also into the fashion style. Especially light-colored design coupled with simple style, positioning leisure sports, a very attractive sweet temperament and full of youthful fashion sense, from the shoes in the infiltration, as a people watching the heart of the fashion section.

Or different people love Nike reason, there is a big difference, and nike Wallace pink is for those small fresh style customers and tailored. Although the same sports and leisure, but it is under the quality of sports, but also highlight the adaptability of personality, it may be thought that the girl was so delicate and delicate, that is not contrived, very smooth. Of course, from the female point of view, often have a breakthrough age of juvenile feelings, this Nike Wallace light pink faint tender, that is, for adult women, full of vitality, but also can easily control, and it is very coordinated.

For those who like sports, what kind of clothes, what kind of shoes to wear, often need to consider what kind of thing to do. But young enemy, nike Wallace flowers positioning leisure movement, so that young fashion wear clothing Variety style, not only with casual sportswear, but also with some delicate personality fashion, not only will not contrast, but there will be another Style. Now can be online through the Nike Wallace flower pictures to see the product, especially the flagship store products from different aspects of the show fashion and personality of the shoes, really is very exciting.

Friday, October 13, 2017

nike lunartempo 2

nike is well known sports brand, nike running shoes has been favorable for everyone, which nike's nikelunartempo 2 known as the "fast boots", then the user experience how? Today with everyone to understand.

This is a super light running shoes, suitable for daily training, comfort and cushioning effect is excellent. Boots with a new perforation design, greatly increased the permeability, for the runners is a very comfortable experience. This shoe is suitable for running and the pursuit of speed performance of running friends, grip and cushioning effect of first-class, support force is also commendable, soles of the elastic performance is also very obvious, the shoes are very light, running effortless, The advantages of training shoes in one. On the other hand, nike lunartempo 2 is more suitable for running on the plastic runway, but coping with the hard road environment is enough. The biggest problem is that this pair of shoes is not suitable for the forefoot floor of the run, but the buffer effect is stronger, so that runners get more protection. But also a variety of brilliant colors for everyone to choose, run friends do not miss.

So what about nike lunaracer 4 evaluation? This is a lightweight training running shoes, breathable, and have good cushioning performance. Uppers with Flymesh, improved mesh material, increased air permeability and comfortable fit. Shoes inside the foot with a bow, greatly enhance the support effect. In addition, its shock absorption and wear resistance are very good, in the end with a light double-density Lunarlon cushioning system, outsole with BRS 1000 carbon rubber material. Shape design simple and generous, bright color, is the daily running and training the best choice.

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Several other series is also very good, such as nike lunar skyelux new cushioning technology, commendable. nike lunarestoa 2 premium qs Light and comfortable, flexible, sensitive cushioning, wear resistance and grip equally well. nike lunarglide 8 id provide soft and comfortable wearing experience, lightweight dynamic support system allows you to run easily!

Since its inception in 1985, the adherence to the sports campus style drive the Nike Dunk series of innovative breakthroughs. Tracing the past, seven college basketball team to break through the traditional, the team wearing Nike Dunk shoes and uniform color match. Since then, set off the colorful color wave out of control, and Nike Dunk has become a manifestation of the logo. Players, skateboarders and collectors on the Dunk shoes are gradually known, today still affect the development of the shoe process.

"Denim" perfect reproduction of the 2002 cowboy classic style, once only the sale of 444 pairs. This time will be 15 years ago to bring back the design of the new shoes, the use of shades of leather denim fabric to the upper, with blue lace to be embellished, and with the iconic white in the end with a red outsole end. The most characteristic is that the shoes of the interface are designed to do the old edge effect, bring retro and rough feeling.
From 2002 onwards, the transformation of the Jordan generation DUNK appeared, from the beginning as a skateboard dedicated, and later with the SB small mark to become a legendary skateboard shoes, creating the basis of NIKE SB. 2014, by the Nike SB Dunk High and Nike LunarEndor Snowboarding Boot two shoes type Nike SB Dazzle dazzling camouflage series of sale, also attracted everyone's attention. The series of color design inspired by a world war, warships black and white striped camouflage painting, black and white color irregular coverage, making the overall effect is very bright, and quite visual impact.

Last year, after the sale of orange box, silver box, after the powder box, and then exposed the black / green box SB Dunk High, will soon be available for sale! Nike sb dunk high boot of the black ostrich Skin and black suede splicing show, followed by the line to join the 3M reflective design, purple elements reflected in the shoelaces and tongue tongue logo, and finally to the translucent outsole end. Of course, the heel side of the back there is a small shoe box logo printed on the show.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

nike jordan reveal

NIKE is in the country or other countries are very well-known brands, basically regarded as one of the world's leading sports brand, sports is a very good brand, but also to do a very good class.

In the beginning, the origin of Nike is the beginning of the original want to express the original intention, should refer to the Greek goddess, and later slowly flow to China, into a Chinese translation, we became the mouth of the Nike The the beginning of the trend, that is, their headquarters, the beginning is in the United States, and the production of many products, there are clothing, there are shoes, there are a lot of sports equipment and so on.
Nike nike jordan full red system, bright colors, good color, many young people like this kind of class. And as always, the trademark map, there is a certain position, will not feel that when the red 系 class, it will make this little hook becomes very strange, not gregarious.

Nike is also a mainstream product, but also the same, but also Nike's classic class, wearing comfortable, wear-resistant, full of jumping ability. But also uphold the spirit of Nike, although it is an extension of the athletes who have a lot of athletes, so the design of the time, there is a perfect combination of classic, also joined the innovation in the world, sinking is per Athletes will like the brand, not just the appearance, mainly the quality and wearing a comfortable feeling, of course, it will not give it the spirit of the power. And the key is Nike, is the first of the first, the air cushion of the technology products, so this is why the sports industry will have to buy one of the reasons for the brand. This technique can be well protected when people move their knees.

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Football is sweeping the world a sport, in our school playground and the city's football field is also able to see a lot of football fans figure. Many football enthusiasts in the past wearing ordinary canvas shoes or running shoes and other football, and now more and more people realize that a good football shoes can help themselves play a better level, and can protect their feet. Nike poison bee top top shoes are very good football shoes, for the protection of the foot effect is much better than canvas shoes.

Nike poison bee top level of the difference is still quite large, poison bee top uu is used in the new NIKESKIN, soft mesh material with polyurethane film and Nike ACC technology. ACC technology to join the top of the top of the Nike poison is the top of the difference, you can ensure that Nike poison bee top shoes in the wet or dry conditions are still able to have the same control for football. Nike poison bee top level Another difference is that the top of the Nike poisonous bee with a new shoe last, this shoe last Nike is the most in line with the structure of the shoe last, you can make the foot closer to the venue and football. And the top of the Nike poisonous bee is used Kanga-Lite, CTR360 top material is commonly known as artificial kangaroo skin, did not join the ACC coating.

Nike poisoning the top of the top of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom are used to compress nylon, this material soles lighter, faster response, very light and contribute to the power of transmission. Forefoot separation outsole, front foot of the concave design can help the first metatarsal fast start. Nike poison bee top quality football shoes on the top of the guarantee, in the selection to take into account their own style of play and play the venue to choose shoes.